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WWE Raw TV taping notes: Roman Reigns' return may be delayed


It appears that Roman Reigns won't be on Survivor Series due to battling the mumps as at tonight's Raw in Manchester, which is being taped ahead of time, they announced Kurt Angle, Jason Jordan, Braun Strowman, Finn Balor & Samoa Joe as being the brand's team for their men's elimination match against SmackDown.

The original plan was for Reigns to return next Monday in Atlanta and be announced as the final member of the team. It is still possible that could be the case and they can shoot the angle next week.

PWInsider reported earlier today that Reigns may not be ready by Survivor Series and that Jordan could take his place, and today's show indicated the same thing.

A company official stated to us this morning that they had not heard of a change in plans regarding Reigns not being back next week, but with the illness, it is certainly possible the return date could be delayed.