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WWE Raw video highlights: Quiz Bowl

Alpha Academy and RK-Bro competed in their final Academic Challenge event.

Alpha Academy and RK-Bro's Academic Challenge came to an end with its third event taking place on Raw last night.

After RK-Bro won the spelling bee and Alpha Academy won the scooter race, the Academic Challenge came down to who would be victorious in the Quiz Bowl. RK-Bro got the win by five questions to four, clinching the Quiz Bowl when Randy Orton was able to correctly answer how many grams are in an ounce.

RK-Bro will get a Raw Tag Team title rematch against Chad Gable & Otis for winning the Academic Challenge. WWE hasn't announced when that match will be taking place.

On Raw next week, Orton & Riddle will celebrate their Academic Challenge win with an "RK-Broga Party."

RK-Bro were also in action in last night's main event. A singles match between Riddle and Seth Rollins turned into a tag team match after Kevin Owens attacked Riddle and caused a disqualification. Orton made the save and dropped Owens with an RKO.

But Rollins & Owens defeated RK-Bro in their tag team match after Rollins hit Riddle with a stomp. After the match, Orton gave Owens another RKO. Rollins cackled at RK-Bro and headed to the back.

Riddle and Rollins will be two of the participants in the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match in Saudi Arabia on Saturday, February 19. Owens wanted to take Austin Theory's spot in the match after defeating him last night, but Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville told Owens that the results of the previous week's qualifying matches were final. Pearce and Deville told Owens that he might not even be on WrestleMania this year.

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