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WWE Raw video highlights: Lesnar & Orton sound off, Reigns plays wedding crasher


WWE Raw Video Highlights --

Enzo & Big Cass verbally spar with Jeri-KO

Raw once again featured Enzo Amore in the opening segment after last week saw Amore and WWE Women's Champion Sasha Banks take on Chris Jericho and Charlotte. This time, Amore had Big Cass along with him. Amore wasn't happy that Jericho got in the way of his romantic advances towards Banks last week.

Jericho then came out, and he had found a partner in fellow Canadian Kevin Owens. After saying that he liked Cass in NXT, Owens said that is no longer the case after Cass brought his deadweight partner with him to Raw.

Jericho appeared to challenge Cass to a match, but then clarified it was only Amore that he was after.

Enzo vs. Jericho

After interference from both Owens and Cass, Jericho won by disqualification after eating a big boot from Cass. The seven-footer then challenged the Canadian duo to a tag team match at SummerSlam, and the challenge was accepted.

Braun Strowman vs. Jorel Nelson

Jorel Nelson was the latest enhancement talent to challenge Braun Strowman, but Nelson met the same fate as his jobber brethren had in previous weeks. 

The former Primetime Players collide

After last week saw Titus O'Neil get a win over his former Primetime Players partner, Darren Young returned the favor this week. Young picked up a win by holding onto O'Neil's tights, just as O'Neil did to him last week, but Young's life coach Bob Backlund didn't notice the underhanded tactics.

Puff Daddy meets The New Day

An appearance by Puff Daddy was announced in advance of last night's show, and it was revealed earlier on Monday that Diddy would be putting together the WWE 2K17 soundtrack. Diddy met Mick Foley and The New Day backstage, and Diddy enquired about Big E's condition after last week's injury angle.

Seth Rollins mocks Finn Balor

Seth Rollins mocked Finn Balor and his Demon King character ahead of their match for the WWE Universal Championship at SummerSlam. Rollins said that Finn Balor wasn't even his opponen'ts real name and the character was just something Balor made up to convey an image.

Rollins said Balor was one of the most disrespectful human beings he's ever encountered, and said Raw was his show and this was his ring. Rollins was offended that Balor claimed that the opportunity was handed to him, and said that he's worked for everything he's ever gotten.

He said he doesn't have to surround himself with myths and legends, he knows who he is. He is the myth, he is the legend, he is the man.

Cesaro and Sheamus go at it again

Cesaro and Sheamus had a rematch of last week's Raw encounter, and it was Cesaro who came out on top again. Sheamus got a shot in against Cesaro, but knocked down the referee in the process. The ref bump kept Sheamus from getting the win, and Cesaro capitalized with an advantageous pin.

Brock Lesnar & Randy Orton sound off

Though Monday's edition of Raw didn't feature appearances by Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman, or Randy Orton after all three appeared on both Raw and SmackDown last week, a video package was aired that hyped their SummerSlam match.

Their history in Ohio Valley Wrestling was mentioned. Orton said he became close with Lesnar when they got called up around the same time, but it pissed him off that Lesnar decided to leave because he didn't like people.

Brock said he knows who Orton is, but doesn't have a relationship with Orton and doesn't care about him. Lesnar said everything he has accomplished exceeds anything Orton could ever dream of. He became a mega-superstar and Orton became a star.

Orton called their match the biggest in SummerSlam history.

Neville finds a partner to take on The Dudley Boyz

A confrontation on the Raw pre-show between Neville and The Dudley Boyz had The Man That Gravity Forgot searching for a partner to take on the veteran team. He found a fellow high flyer in Sin Cara, who has seemed to find a replacement for Kalisto just weeks after the Lucha Dragons broke up.

Roman Reigns: Wedding Crasher

Following their actual wedding filmed for Total Divas, Rusev and Lana had their wedding celebration on Raw last night. But the party was short-lived as Roman Reigns played the role of wedding crasher. The Big Dog struck Rusev, which knocked him into his bride, and she fell face-first into a looming wedding cake. 

Rusev later demanded that Foley do something about the situation, and Foley officially booked Rusev vs. Reigns for the United States Championship at SummerSlam.

Sasha Banks takes on Dana Brooke with major SummerSlam implications

Earlier in the night, Banks suggested that her match with Charlotte should be a handicap match with how much Dana Brooke interferes in Charlotte's matches. Mick Foley then set the stage for Banks vs. Brooke later on Raw. If Brooke won, it would become a handicap match at SummerSlam. But if The Boss won, Brooke would be banned from ringside.

Banks was able to earn the victory, and her rematch with Charlotte at SummerSlam remained a one-on-one encounter.

The mythology of Finn Balor

A pre-taped video saw Finn Balor answer Seth Rollins' promo from earlier. Balor explained the mythology behind the Demon King character. He said they weren't just myths, but were something he could use for strength. It was later announced that Rollins would call out Balor next week.

Kofi Kingston takes on Luke Gallows

It was announced earlier in the day that the Big E-less New Day would defend their tag titles against The Club at SummerSlam. Big E was still out of action and nowhere to be found on Raw after suffering a storyline groin injury after The Club's attacks last week.

Kofi Kingston faced off against Luke Gallows ahead of the SummerSlam match, and with the help of Karl Anderson, Gallows was able to walk out the victor.

Anderson & Gallows MD

"Doctors" Anderson and Gallows mocked The New Day after last week's attack, talking about the dangers of "ringpostitis." They were amused at Big E's groin injury and made several not particularly subtle references to the area.

The Golden Truth meets Scooby Doo

In advance of the upcoming Scooby-Doo! and WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon DVD release, Goldust and R-Truth met Scooby before Raw began.

Daniel Bryan comes to Raw

The most talked about thing in advance of Monday's Raw was the invitation that Raw General Manager Mick Foley sent to his SmackDown counterpart Daniel Bryan. Foley wanted Bryan to come on the show to discuss the unscheduled cross-brand appearances made by Lesnar and Orton last week.

The general managers got into it over comments Bryan had made about the WWE Universal Championship on last week's SmackDown post-show, and the segment led to Rusev coming out and saying that Raw doesn't need another champion.

Rusev tried to get out of his SummerSlam match against Reigns by defending Foley. Cesaro then came out and said he deserved a championship opportunity. Bryan tried to fan the flames between Cesaro and Foley, and Foley made a United States title match between Cesaro and Rusev in the main event. 

Cesaro challenges Rusev for the United States title

Cesaro got his championship opportunity, but it wasn't time for the Swiss Superman capture WWE gold quite yet. Sheamus interfered and cost Cesaro the match, likely setting up another match between the two at a later date. 

The SummerSlam match between Rusev and Reigns was also preserved with Rusev retaining his title, and Reigns ended the show by taking out his SummerSlam opponent with a spear.

Raw Fallout: Lana is out for revenge

Still covered in cake, Lana vowed to get revenge on Reigns for interrupting her and Rusev's special moment.

Raw Fallout: Roman Reigns boards a private chopper

After the show, Reigns gets set to board a private chopper to LAX as the WWE roster readies for their tour of New Zealand and Australia this week.