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WWE Raw video highlights: The build to the Royal Rumble continues


The build to the Royal Rumble continued on last night's episode of Raw in Memphis, Tennessee.

With the pay-per-view less than three weeks away, there was an angle where Braun Strowman tried to keep Brock Lesnar and Kane from making it to the Rumble. Strowman attacked Lesnar and Kane while they were brawling and pulled part of the stage down on them, but Lesnar tried to avoid leaving in an ambulance and Kane stumbled away.

Also on Raw, The Miz returned to TV and The Miztourage attacked Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Jason Jordan after the main event, Nia Jax laid out Asuka and will face her next week, and Woken Matt Hardy made his televised in-ring debut.

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