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WWE Raw video highlights: Edge gives Miz & Maryse a Brood bath


Image: WWE

Edge ruined The Miz & Maryse's wedding vow renewal on Raw's go-home show for Day 1.

The wedding vow renewal segment took place in the main event of last night's show. It featured an appearance by the returning Eric Bischoff, who served as the officiant for the ceremony..

At the end of the ceremony, Bischoff asked if anyone had any objections. Bischoff said we all knew how this was going to turn out -- and Edge's music hit. Edge came out to the ring and claimed that he wasn't there to ruin anything. Edge said he could talk about how obnoxious Miz and Maryse are, but he won't do that. Edge said he wasn't going to talk about what kind of man Miz was for using Maryse as a shield. Edge said he won't do those things because he has a match against Miz at Day 1 and is going to kick his ass.

Miz said he knew Edge was going to try and ruin the ceremony -- and he wanted Edge to have a front row seat to see what true love looks like. Edge told Miz and Maryse to get a room when they started to kiss.

Edge admitted that Miz and Maryse had embarrassed him over the last few weeks. Edge said he was going to embarrass Miz before Day 1. When Miz got paranoid after that, Edge claimed that he was just messing with Miz and playing mind games.

But Edge then asked Miz and Maryse if they wanted this to be a white wedding. The lights went out and The Brood's theme music hit. Black liquid rained on Miz and Maryse as the show ended.

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