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WWE Raw video highlights: Edge vows to get revenge on Randy Orton


In addition to four title matches and the in-person return of Rey Mysterio, last night's Raw featured Edge addressing Randy Orton for the first time since Backlash.

Edge said their match, his torn triceps injury, and not being able to pick up his daughters on Father's Day showed him that he needs to wake up a side of him that's been asleep for far too long. When Orton did what he did to Christian, he put the PG Superstar version of Edge that had just been walking around happy about being able to return to bed.

Edge said Orton woke up the side of him that will sink to any level to get what he wants. Edge doesn't care about winning a wrestling match now, he wants to embarrass and emasculate Orton. Edge said he's going to make Orton wish his father was firing blanks on the night Orton was conceived.

Edge vowed to seep into every aspect of Orton's life and infect it. He said he'll tear Orton's life apart brick by brick from the inside.

At the end of his promo, Edge said Orton woke up the Rated R-Superstar. He told Orton to get some sleep while he can.

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