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WWE releases better footage of Edge's Royal Rumble return


After his first move since returning to the ring was missed on last night's broadcast, WWE has released better footage of Edge's Royal Rumble return:

WWE uploaded the 92-second video of "unseen footage" from Edge's return to YouTube today. The clip includes the spear Edge gave to Dolph Ziggler that was missed last night. It also focuses on Edge during his entrance instead of cutting to fan reactions.

Ziggler sent out two tweets today about the Royal Rumble broadcast cutting away from the spear: "who cuts away from an official in-ring return, while two opponents are running towards each other? people make mistakes, we all do & I have made tons. That being said; a very special moment was inexplicably missed. anyone got cell phone footage?"

Edge entered the Royal Rumble match as the 21st entrant and made it to the final three before being eliminated by Roman Reigns, who Drew McIntyre then eliminated to win the match.

Dave Meltzer reported on last night's Wrestling Observer Radio that Edge vs. Randy Orton is planned for WrestleMania.

WWE has confirmed that Edge will be appearing on tonight's episode of Raw.