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WWE reportedly bringing in Shane McMahon for WrestleMania weekend

McMahon has been out of the company since his Royal Rumble appearance in January.

Shane McMahon will be in Dallas for WrestleMania weekend, according to a report. 

PWInsider reports that WWE is bringing McMahon in for the entire WrestleMania weekend, his first time back with the company since being phased out following this year's Royal Rumble event. 

The report does not state whether or not there are creative plans for McMahon or even if he will appear on either night of WrestleMania, just that he will be in town and is being brought in by WWE. 

McMahon was originally penciled in for a WrestleMania bout against Seth Rollins and a spot in the Elimination Chamber match in Saudi Arabia in February, but was sent away after "unprofessional" conduct at Royal Rumble, including talking down to producer Jamie Noble, according to our reporting. In the February 7 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Dave Meltzer wrote: 

“Every single story you’ve already heard, multiplied many times over,” was said by one person close to the situation. “He was unprofessional the likes of which left VKM (Vincent Kennedy McMahon) no options but to fire him.”

McMahon was a producer for the men's Royal Rumble match, and was also an entrant in the bout. He entered 28th, and was the next-to-last elimination in the Rumble. 

Meltzer also wrote: 

"Others noted that he wanted to build the ending of the match around himself and be a featured player in the match, was visibly very unhappy when his match ideas were shot down by his father, and was not professional with [producer Jamie Noble] and talked down to people."

McMahon also reportedly clashed with Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon regarding the layout of the Rumble match. Dave wrote:

"There were also disagreements regarding he and Lesnar regarding the closing stages of the match, and Lesnar pretty much does exactly what he wants. But this led to people being told one thing and then another, between Shane’s ideas, what Lesnar wanted, and what Vince wanted. It was constantly changing all day and Vince was overruling Shane on his ideas and also agreeing with Lesnar. About the only thing left in regarding him looking good was a spot where he would outstrike babyface and former UFC fighter Riddle. It didn’t help matters that he botched his elimination spot with Lesnar as he was supposed to be clotheslined over the top rope, but didn’t get over on the first attempt, so they had to do it again."

McMahon did not have an official backstage role with WWE, but did serve as a producer on the Royal Rumble match. He did have a talent contract with the company, and it was never explicitly announced by WWE that he had been released from his contract when he was sent away after the Rumble.