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WWE reportedly purchases World Wrestling Council library


WWE has reportedly purchased the World Wrestling Council tape library out of Puerto Rico.

According to a PWInsider report, WWE officials secured a deal last month to purchase the video library of the WWC. The library goes back as far as 1983 when Carlos Colon, Victor Jovica and Gorilla Monsoon founded the promotion. The report also indicated that a portion of the tape library may have been damaged by Hurricane Maria, which devastated Puerto Rico last year. This may have an impact on when WWC content will be rolled out, but WWE was aware of the potential issues before the deal became final.

Some of the biggest stars wrestled for the promotion in the 1980s, including Ric Flair, Abdullah the Butcher, Randy Savage, Rick Martel, Savio Vega and The Road Warriors. Colon’s sons Carlito and Primo and nephew Epico also started their careers in the WWC. During its hot period in the 1980s, the WWC was best known for its bloody brawls and hot, passionate crowds.

 It was also in the WWC where the murder of Bruiser Brody took place on July 17, 1988 at the hands of then booker Jorge Gonzales, also known as Invader I. Brody’s murder caused a large amount of American talent to leave the promotion, though a few did eventually come back. Gonzales was found not guilty of the murder following trial.