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WWE results, Brussels: Dean Ambrose pins Triple H again

By Jurgen De Roover

10-15 minutes before the matches started, Byron Saxton came out so people could vote on twitter which match they wanted to see a short version of from WM32. Taker vs Shane was voted on in favor over Ambrose vs Lesnar & Reigns vs Triple H. (in that order)

1) The opening match was for the IC title. Miz came out with Maryse to some good heat. They got some good heat and both played heels very well throughout the match. Dolph Ziggler came out as the challenger. This was a good match which was perfect to open the show. Miz got the win by Skull Crushing Finale after a distraction by Maryse. Miz wanted to attack Dolph with the belt after the match but he ducked and gave him the Zig Zag to end this.

2) A very short match between Del Rio and Sandow. Sandow was over with the crowd and only had to stick a finger up to get cheers while Del Rio got some good heat. Del Rio won with the cross armbreaker.

3) Del Rio asked if there was anyone in the back who was man enough to face him. Fandango came out with people doing his dance. Fandango won via Roll-up after a short match.

4) Kevin Owens came out to a good pop to face Sami Zayn who was cheered on by the crowd too. Fun match with Owens mocking Zayn's dance with his hat on too. It was a bit shorter than I expected and hoped because I mostly went for these guys & AJ. Sami won with the blue thunder bomb.

5) 8 man women's match: Naomi, Tamina, Lana & Summer Rae vs Natalya, Alicia Fox, Eva Marie & Paige.  Big pop for paige. Good pop for Natalya. Boo's for Eva. Couple of Lana chants too. Eva portraited her heel character though being on the face team. Paige got the hot tag in the end and won with the Rampaige on Tamina.

6) Chris Jericho vs AJ Styles.  GREAT heel work by Jericho throughout. Lots and lots of AJ Styles chants. (It was maybe a coincidence with who I was standing at the merchandise stand, but it seemed like AJ easily sold the most shirts. Though I'm not sure how correct that information is.) A good match with AJ winning by Styles clash.

7) Curtis Axel (w/ Victor) vs Goldust.  Goldust won via rollup after a quick match. Got attacked after the match and Truth came out for the save. Some fun what's up chants by both. Golden Truth chants too.

8) US Title match: Kalisto vs Ryback. Good david vs goliath match. The whole crowd did the "Lucha Lucha" chant a lot. Kalisto reversed Shell Shocked twice and won via Solida Del Sol.

9) Rowan & Stroman vs Big Show & Kane. Big Show got possibly the loudest pop of the night. It was an amazing sight seeing Stroman and Big Show face to face. You really don't realise how big they are until you see it live. The win came when Kane sent Stroman over the top, Big Show chokeslammed Rowan for the 1-2-3. Stroman came in to attack after and received a double chokeslam for good measure. Nice to see the veterans get much respect from the crowd.

10) Dean Ambrose vs Triple H.  Big pops for both of them. Mixed crowd with mostly boo's for Triple H though there were a lot of "Let's go Ambrose - Triple H!" chants. The
crowd really appriciated Triple H being there. Funny segment where Triple H poked Dean in the eyes behind the ref and then Dean just did it back three times in front of the ref and was like "whaaaat?".
Dean reversed the pedigree a couple of times. Triple H pulled the ref in the corner so he took a hit instead of himself. Triple H with a low blow to Ambrose. Pedigree reversed, low blow by Ambrose and then dirty deeds to get the win.

Overall, very enjoyable show with all the heels doing great heel work. The crowd was into it from start until finish and the biggest pops were for Big Show, Kevin Owens, Paige & the main event.