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WWE results, Glasgow: Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus

By Eoin Chyene

Thanks also to Innes McVey

Cesaro beat Stardust in the opening contest. Stardust hissed at a kid in the audience. Cesaro mocked Stardust's thinking pose. 25-26 rotations of
the Swing, which they had teased a couple times beforehand. Cesaro applied the sharpshooter after that for the win.

Zack Ryder and Darren Young beat Social Outcasts (Heath Slater and Bo Dallas). Pre match promo from Social Outcasts about how lucky we were to be in their presence. Slater was great when he was on the outside recovering. He told us he was going in to make the save before he did it, and surprised a kid by actually following through with a high five. Rough Ryder for the win in this one.

Rusev beat Swagger with the Accolade. Eye poke to gain the advantage, kick to the head and done. Both guys had flags. All American American Jack Swagger had... The Scottish saltire flag. "We The People" was an over chant whenever he went for it.

New Day beat Dudleys and Usos in a match for the tag titles. Big Ending for the win. Running joke in this match was Xavier getting his back slapped all the time. First one was by an Uso, and Xavier oversold it for a while. Big E was telling him not to cry. Usos then slapped Xavier in tandem. Xavier is upset and dejectedly walks over to his corner to tag in Big E. Usos and Big E then accidentally slap Xavier on the apron. He decided to leave, Bubba chased him on the ramp, slapped his back and returned him to the ring. Great match, crowd loved it.

After intermission, Sin Cara beat Tyler Breeze. Lucha chant was very popular. Senton from the top rope for the win.

Charlotte beat Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch for the women's championship. All three of these women were total stars. My last live event was in 2012, and the difference in class between those ladies compared to the 2016 trio is ridiculous. Super fun match, Ric Flair removed Sasha from the ring and Charlotte rolled up Becky for the win. Feet were on the ropes too. Charlotte asked Charles Robinson "what am I paying you for?" After a kickout earlier in the match, that got a few laughs ringside.

Main event was Roman Reigns vs Sheamus. Not much more exciting than it sounds on paper. Reigns' merch was fairly popular so I was expecting heavy cheers. Honestly, it was probably nearer 50/50. The boos were quite loud in my area despite being surrounded by Reigns gloves and t-shirts. He had more fan signs than anyone else too. Sheamus got on the mic before the match and said Scotland was the weaker, more immature brother of Ireland and mocked us for voting against our own independence. He said he's been told many times that he looks stupid, but that we were the ones who really looked stupid after that. Worth noting that Glasgow was one of the areas that voted yes to independence. Reigns won with the spear and had previously kicked out after a Brogue Kick.

Some general notes: New Day were probably the most represented in terms of merch at the show, followed by Reigns, Ambrose and Cena. Cesaro shirts were his old ones, signed by the man himself. They only had large sizes of them left for this show. Some really long lines at the various merch stands, even after the show had finished. The only thing they had a surplus of before I left were the empty New Day BootyOs boxes. Horns had sold out.

Jojo and Greg Hamilton co-hosted, and told us that WWE was coming back in November... For Smackdown. Promo video said tickets went on sale at 9pm, which is when the intermission was due to end. They'd actually went on sale at 9am. They waited until before the main event to announce that RAW was also coming to Glasgow, and played it out like that was a shocking new announcement. Considering most tickets are gone for that one, probably not a surprise to the people in attendance.