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WWE Santiago, Chile, live results: The return of Luke Harper

Luke Harper

Submitted by F. Javier Díaz Fischer from the Movistar Arena

- WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day d. Cesaro & Sheamus and The Club

New Day and Cesaro were over like crazy, especially the latter. The Club had no credibility whatsoever with the crowd. 

- Braun Strowman d. Sin Cara

This match lasted a minute. Strowman won with a powerbomb. Surprisingly, a lot of people wanted to see Sin Cara.

- Neville & Darren Young d. Titus O'Neil & Bo Dallas

- WWE Women's Champion Sasha Banks d. Charlotte

Very good match. This wasn't like Monday's Raw, but a very good performance by both wrestlers. Unfortunately, a lot of people expected a Wrestlemania-esque affair. Both of them were over like crazy as babyfaces at the beginning but Charlotte managed to get heel heat. Sasha won with the Bank Statement, clean in the middle.

- Seth Rollins & Sami Zayn d. WWE Universal Kevin Owens & Luke Harper

The Wyatt Family member made his return to the ring tonight. Pretty nice surprise which the hardcores loved. All four members were pretty over with Rollins, Owens and Zayn being really, really over. Rollins worked total babyface and the crowd loved him. They were into everything he did.

- Bayley & Alicia Fox d. Dana Brooke & Nia Jax

 People absolutely hated Dana Brooke and Bayley was not over as I expected even by the hardcore fans. Considering NXT has little to no exposure here, that shouldn't be a surprise.

- Enzo, Big Cass & Golden Truth d. The Shining Stars, Curtis Axel & Jinder Mahal

Colin Cassady and Enzo Amore's entrance was the only thing that generated a reaction. Surprisingly, Enzo won the match. A lot of people didn't even recognize The Shining Stars at first. Goldust received a lot of respect from the crowd considering all of his years as a performer. A couple of "Cody Rhodes" chants here.

- WWE United States Champion Roman Reigns d. Rusev (with Lana)

RR had a mixed reaction at the beginning, but ended receiving pops and cheers during the match. He was very over and the kids and women loved him. Not a long match, it was short and sweet. As a valet, Lana is amazing and had every guy mesmerized.


Seth Rollins, Sasha Banks, Roman Reigns were the stars of the show and received the biggest pops of the night. Even though guys like Cesaro or The New Day were very over, those three and Charlotte had an aura of being real huge stars. Kevin Owens was over with the hardcore fans but the rest of the audience did not react to him as they do in the United States. Considering the language barrier here, I'd say it was hard for him to get heat. 

Overall, this was a pretty good show. The people arrived happy and waited for the show with a smile in their faces, enjoyed the matches and left with a positive attitude as the biggest babyfaces all won decisively.

The production has seen quite the improvement for this house shows since the last time they were here.

The only negative was a lot of people were disappointed that the announced main event of Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins was moved for tomorrow's show apparently.