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WWE Santiago, Chile night 2 live results: Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens

Submitted by reader F. Javier Díaz Fischer from the Movistar Arena

The atmosphere felt like the post-WrestleMania Raws, but with the fans enjoying the show and trying to chant, cheer and boo rather than going into business for themselves and be a part of the show.

- WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day (Xavier & Kofi) def. Enzo & Cass and The Club (5 minutes)

The faces' entrances were really over but the match was not good at all. Anderson & Gallows had a better reaction than in night 1 with a few "Bullet Club" chants.

- Sami Zayn & Darren Young def. Titus O'Neil & Bo Dallas (8 minutes)

Sami Zayn got a tremendous ovation and was really over tonight. The match revolved around him and he got the pin. There was no reaction whatsoever for Young who was certainly "not great again" in Chile.

- Sin Cara def. Luke Harper (9 minutes)

This was the first good match of the night. Both guys were very over and the fans were very happy that Sin Cara had the chance to actually work tonight considering he was squashed by Strowman the night before in less than a minute. There were a lot of "Lucha! Lucha! Lucha" chants.

- WWE Women's Champion Sasha Banks, Bayley & Alicia Fox def. Charlotte, Dana Brooke & Nia Jax (9 minutes)

You could really tell the difference between this crowd and the one from the first show when it came to the reception Bayley got. She was really over here to the level of Sasha and Charlotte, who received humongous pops both nights. Not a very good match. Banks made the hot tag and beat Charlotte again clean in the middle with the Bank Statement. Jax received real heel heat.

- WWE United States Champion Roman Reigns def. Rusev (w/ Lana) (13 minutes)

Lana came to the ring first and tried to get heat by purposely confusing Chile with Bolivia and making fun of the loss of the Chilean national soccer team. It worked to a certain extent, but the crowd absolutely loved her regardless. She introduced Rusev, who got cheered.

Reigns was booed out of the building when his music played. Real hostile crowd for him at the beginning, but not that much during the match and after. It almost felt that people wanted to boo him during his entrance because it was "cool" to do it, but not that much during the match. This was a good match with a mixed reaction.

- Braun Strowman def. Neville (2 minutes)

Neville got some kicks and moves in, but Strowman destroyed him in little time.

- Cesaro, Sheamus & Golden Truth def. The Shining Stars, Curtis Axel & Jinder Mahal (9 minutes) 

Once again, Cesaro received quite the ovation and was over like crazy. There was a sea of "Cesaro Section" signs all over the crowd. Again, there was a lot of respect for Goldust. In an interesting note, "Axelmania" ran wild for 30 seconds.

- Seth Rollins d. WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens by DQ (15 minutes)

This was the match of the night. Owens was more over tonight as the crowd recognized what a great performer he is but also understood he was the heel and went along with the ride. Rollins received an ovation that I can only compare to the one The Undertaker received in Chile back in 2008. Rollins is over here like you wouldn't believe, and has quite the cult following but is also capable to capture the more casual fans with his wrestling style. He worked total babyface, before, during and after the match. 

They worked a great match with Owens resorting to every little trick in the book in order to get some real heel heat. After 15 minutes of great wrestling, Rollins was going for the Pedigree but Owens lowblowed him causing the referee to DQ him. The champion grabbed the microphone and told the audience that the only thing that mattered was that he was "still your Universal Champion" and the people booed him until Rollins gave him a Pedigree.

This was by far the best match of both nights. After the match, Rollins said this was the best crowd he ever performed in front of and posed with the Chilean flag.

We all understand wrestlers do not have the "match of their careers" in a house show, but when WWE comes to a country once every five years, you certainly appreciate what Owens and Rollins did for this crowd tonight. Better show than last night, and once again a good night for WWE but monumental night for the fans that packed the Movistar Arena.

Side note: During WWE's visit, Cesaro and Zayn were very gracious and cordial with the fans and the Swiss Superman even took the time to go to a rehab center for special needs children. He is quite the ambassador for the company.