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WWE sets TV taping plan, WrestleMania likely being taped


As of right now, WWE's plan is for tonight's SmackDown, as well as the two subsequent SmackDowns set for March 27th and April 3rd to be taped over the next two days at the Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

However, it is not clear at this time if both taped shows will be completed tomorrow or how that process will work.

Also as of right now, there will be a Raw show taped Monday with the subsequent March 30th Raw taped Tuesday, also at the Performance Center.

WrestleMania is likely being taped, but that decision is being kept secret. Of note, WWE did remove the word "live" as opposed to the "streaming live" which had previously be on its website. Very few in the company are in the loop on the WrestleMania live vs. taped decision including most of the talent, which knows no more than anyone else.

The news was originally broken by POST Wrestling's John Pollock Thursday.

The current plan for NXT is unknown. As of yesterday, there was hope of doing a regular show as opposed to the studio style/interview show they did this past week, but nothing further has been confirmed.