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WWE Smackdown 4-9-15 TV Report: Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns & Dolph Ziggler vs. Wade Barrett, Sheamus & Big Show

By Steve Khan,

- American Airdate: April 9, 2015 (April 8 in Canada)

- From American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX



Show Details:

Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Jerry Lawler are on commentary.

Daniel Bryan started the show with a promo. He called winning the Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania one of the highlights of his career. The title only means as much of the actions of the man holding it, and he intends on defending it to anyone who wants a shot. He did that with Dolph Ziggler, but Sheamus came out “looking all stupid” to attack both guys, leaving Ziggler out of action for a week. Bryan said he was left bloody at the end of Smackdown last week and Wade Barrett came out to remind Bryan who laid him out.

Sheamus joined Barrett and told Bryan not to pick a fight with someone not his size. Sheamus said he and Barrett would give Bryan a European-style arse whoopin’. Ziggler raced out to make bad jokes and the save. He said they should fight right now, but Big Show entered. He hates the small guys too and wanted to join the fight. Roman Reigns joined the party and the heels waited for him to make his long entrance instead of just attacking Bryan and Ziggler. Reigns tackled Show and the faces sent the heels packing. This all happened in less than 9 minutes.

They announced a “special” MizTV for later and the SmackDown debut of Neville. After a commercial they announced a 6-man tag match for the main event, acknowledging that this wasn’t the originally scheduled main event.

WWE Tag Team Champions Cesaro & Kidd w/Natalya vs. The New Day (Kingston & Big E) w/Xavier Woods

Big E cut a promo before the match, saying the New Day was there for the people. He tried to do the clapping thing, but the crowd chanted “New Day sucks” as usual. New Day continue to act surprised by this, and did so through the match. Cesaro and Kidd worked over Kingston but he and Big E tossed them to the outside and Kingston hit them both with a flying double forearm smash.

After a break, Cesaro cut off Big E from making a tag by deadlifting him up into a gutwrench slam. He later followed that with a big swing into a dropkick by Kidd. Both impressive spots. Big E hit him with an STO though and tagged in Kingston who ran wild on Kidd. Cesaro goaded Big E into distracting the referee, hit Kingston with an uppercut and Kidd finished him off with the swinging fisherman neckbreaker. Cesaro and Kidd outclassed the New Day, which is what the tag champs should do.

Curtis Axel vs. Neville

Axel is still doing his stupid Axelmania gimmick. Axel said he asked for “his rematch” with Neville tonight. So every wrestler has a rematch clause for any match, not just title matches? That finally explains why we see the same matches over and over and over and Neville won quickly with the Red Arrow. The crowd didn’t seem as into him at the start of the match, but they were by the end.

Renee Young asked Natalya, Alicia Fox and Cameron if they cheated Naomi out of her number one contendership by setting up the battle royal for Raw. Natalya said Naomi earned her spot but Fox and Cameron disagreed. The three of them argued leading to a shoving match between Nattie and Fox. Nattie shoved Fox on her ass and referees came to break it up. Lawler screamed “cat fight!” This really sucked.

Alicia Fox vs. Natalya (Cameron as Special Referee)

Fox worked over Natalya for a couple of minutes but Nattie won with the sharpshooter. After the match, Cameron laid them both out with DDTs. Cameron then screamed for someone to get her mirror. The girls aren’t stuck in place, they’re going backwards.  

They aired a Bray Wyatt video package about setting Erick Rowan free. This was meant to push their match tonight, but it was mostly a reminder of what a waste of time that whole thing was.

Bray Wyatt vs. Erick Rowan

Bray did an in-ring promo about Erick Rowan. Seriously. Bray said he took in Rowan from a society that cast him out. He fixed Rowan but now he’s broken again, thanks to all of us. Bray said he would finish Rowan once and for all. This would’ve been a fine promo if anybody gave a shit about Erick Rowan. And if we hadn’t seen this already. Bray tossed Rowan into the barricade and they actually went to commercial and I almost threw a brick through my television. Bray won with a running body block and Sister Abigail.

MizTV, which is still a thing, started with a trailer of Marine 4. They came back to the ring with Miz clapping and three people booing. Summer Rae interrupted to remind him it’s their movie, not his. Miz said he was giving a diva a chance and put her on the DVD cover to make her a star just like he made Damien Mizdow a star. She brought up Mizdow eliminating him from the battle royal at Mania. Miz said they people chant We Want Mizdow, but they don’t want Mizdow without Miz and in three months people will forget about him.

Miz said Sandow (calling him that name) had been fired twice by WWE but he gave Sandow a chance. Damien came out. Miz said they can go back to where they were before if Damien just apologizes. Damien shook his hand and apologized, saying “I’m sorry I didn’t do this sooner” and he attacked Miz. Miz ran away and Damien kissed Summer Rae. (The Mizdow name isn’t dead yet. He came out to Miz’s music and wore a Miz t-shirt with “Mizdow” written over it.) This wasn’t a good segment, but perhaps they should’ve done this on Raw instead of having their first match.

Bad News Barrett, Big Show & Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns, Dolph Ziggler & WWE I-C Champion Daniel Bryan

I always find it funny when Reigns comes through the crowd for a second time in one show. Where does he go after the first time? Also, Ziggler has a new hair style, which Saxton referred to as a braided mohawk. Ziggler cut down Show with a dropkick to the knee and a jumping DDT, which was quite the spot on a giant. It didn’t matter though as Show followed by swatting him down mid-air. Barrett hit Winds of Change and tagged in Sheamus. Ziggler fired back and tagged in Bryan who knocked Barrett off the apron with a dropkick and hit Sheamus with a running clothesline. He tossed Sheamus out and followed with a suicide dive. Barrett knocked him down with a big boot with the ref distracted and they went to commercial.

Barrett had Bryan in a headlock and some little kids chanted “We Want Roman!” Show went for a chokeslam but Bryan countered with a Yes-lock. Show countered by just tossing Bryan to the outside. Bryan fought back against Sheamus and countered a White Noise into a DDT. He made the hot tag to Roman who hit corner clotheslines to Barrett. Reigns knocked Show off the apron with a superman punch and gave one to Barrett as well. Sheamus broke up the cover but Ziggler took him out with a superkick. Bryan took out Show outside of the ring and Reigns nailed Barrett with a spear for the win. Bryan and Reigns were both over big here.

Oddly, the show went off their with no replays, even though this show is taped. The babyfaces posed after the win and it was over.

Final Thoughts:

A total nothing show outside of the main event.

Quick Match Results:

  • Kidd & Cesaro beat Kofi Kingston & Big E via pinfall - Non-title
  • Neville beat Curtis Axel via pinfall
  • Natalya beat Alicia Fox via submission (Cameron as Special Referee)
  • Bray Wyatt beat Erick Rowan via pinfall
  • Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan & Dolph Ziggler beat Bad News Barrett, Big Show and Sheamus via pinfall