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WWE Smackdown July 2 spoilers: Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins hijinks

From Hershey, PA, for air Wednesday in Canada and Thursday in the U.S.:

- The show opened with WWE Champion Seth Rollins, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble out.  They announced Rollins vs. Roman Reigns and Mark Henry vs. Ryback in singles matches.

- Bray Wyatt b Dean Ambrose

- Adam Rose was doing a promo. R-Truth as King What's Up came out which led to a match R-Truth won.

- Mark Henry did an interview challenging Ryback.

- Ryback b Mark Henry with the Shellshock.

- Brie Bella b Naomi due to interference from Alicia Fox.

- WWE Tag Team Champions Prime Time Players b The Ascension

- Rusev did a promo that got super heat.

- Evidently there is a segment on the show where Reigns takes a beating. Rollins came out for the main event and said that Reigns had a ten count to get to the ring or Rollins wins by forfeit. Reigns came out and ended up making a comeback until Noble & Mercury hit the ring for the DQ. They were beating down Reigns until Ambrose made the save.  Rollins and Noble ran off, leaving Mercury by himself to be laid out by Reigns and Ambrose.