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WWE Smackdown June 11 TV results & recap: Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler, MITB go-home show


By Steve Khan, 

- Airdate: June 11, 2015 (June 10 in Canada)
- Location: Canjundome in Lafayette, LA

News: Neville was the lone man standing tall at the end of the show. 

Show Recap: 

Dean Ambrose, still wearing beads, entered through the crowd to start the show. He said it’s been a crazy week in New Orleans and tried to repeat the famous Louisiana saying, “Laissez les bons temps rouler,” but couldn’t remember it, so he just yelled it in English. (“Let the good times roll!”)

Ambrose had a blast partying with the fans on Monday, including with the guy who “unfortunately” looked like Bray Wyatt. He mentioned buying what might have been a fake ticket and his boy Roman Reigns saved him a seat. (Why did Ambrose need a ticket anyway?) 

Ambrose then fired up and said he hopes Seth Rollins remembers the feeling of being beaten and left alone. Rollins came out and demanded Ambrose give the title back, or else he would take it. Ambrose told Rollins to calm down, it’s just a gag. He left the title in the ring but after Rollins grabbed it, Ambrose admitted it’s just a replica. Isn’t it sad nobody would have known the difference? 

Ambrose doesn’t know where he left the belt after Monday, and it still felt like Tuesday to him. Ambrose said he would find it between now and Sunday and he left. Rollins was furious, and Kane came out and put him in a match with Dolph Ziggler. This was fine. Ambrose is at his best when he’s talking about beating up Seth Rollins. 

IC Champion Ryback beat The Miz via pinfall (Non-Title) 

Ryback did a delayed vertical suplex that lasted about 25 seconds. Miz gained control after pushing Ryback into the table. Miz got a lot of offense, including a Skull Crushing Finale for a near fall, but Ryback won with a clothesline and Shell Shocked. 

After the match, Big Show came out and said he has 20 years of experience and a lifetime of being a giant. He gets what he wants and said the big guy is no match for the Big Show. Ryback challenged Show to get in the ring now, saying “Don’t sing it, bring it, little man!” Show pulled a Kevin Owens, backing off because he doesn’t give fights away for free. Meh.

King Barrett beat Jack Swagger via pinfall 

R-Truth did commentary and thought Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton were JBL and Ron Simmons, respectively. Truth claimed he was accurate on Raw when he said he was in Money in the Bank because he does, in fact, have a match at Money in the Bank. 

Truth put on Barrett’s cape and crown. This distracted Barrett who ate a clothesline from Swagger. Swagger got a near fall but Barrett won abruptly with a Bullhammer. This was bad, unless you like R-Truth. This was Swagger’s first match on Raw or SmackDown since WrestleMania. Welcome back. 

Backstage, Alicia Fox told Paige that Paige doesn’t speak for her. Fox speaks for herself and what she wanted was Paige out of the division. 

They showed Lana’s sit-down interview with Michael Cole. Lana said her intentions might have changed since she first came in because she has an open mind. She thinks Ziggler is nice. They read books together and talk about them. 

Rusev barged in. He told her that Ziggler is washed up and has been with so many women, but Rusev has only been with Lana. Lana told him it’s over and she left. Rusev flipped out on Cole, who ran away, and yelled and broke stuff. 

WWE Champion Seth Rollins beat Dolph Ziggler via pinfall (Non-Title)

Good match with a pedestrian finish. Rollins won after reversing a high cross into a small package while holding the tights. I guess the story is that Rollins won on his own, but cheated. 

Paige beat Alicia Fox via submission 

Paige did a somersault senton to the outside, and won after a side kick and PTO. Basic match. 

They aired a good video package for Kevin Owens vs. John Cena. 

Backstage, Titus O’Neil told Renee Young that the Prime Time Players have had a coming out party the past few weeks. Darren Young reminded him that their coming out party was last summer. O’Neil said that was Darren’s coming out party, and he should be proud, just like they will be proud after they win the tag titles. Titus, Darren and Renee did the New Day clap while chanting “Prime-Time Players.” 

Roman Reigns, Neville & Randy Orton beat Kane, Kofi Kingston & Sheamus via DQ

The New Day and Kane came out during commercial and after the break, New Day did their clap standing right next to Kane, which was a great visual. Phillips wondered if Orton would use RKOs from his arsenal tonight, or if he would save them for MITB. I guess RKOs are like bullets and he might run out. 

As Orton beat up Sheamus, Xavier Woods yelled at Sheamus to “do better” and Big E said he better start clapping. They worked over Neville who made a hot tag to Reigns. Reigns killed Kingston with a clothesline and knocked down Woods and Big E. 

Kane chokeslammed Reigns, Orton RKO’d Kane, Sheamus gave Orton a Brogue kick, Neville hit a missile dropkick on Sheamus, Kingston hit Trouble in Paradise to Neville, and Reigns came back with a superman punch on Kingston. 

After all those moves by guys who never tagged in, New Day broke up the cover and that was a DQ. Stupid. They couldn’t do a finish in a meaningless six-man match on SmackDown? 

New Day hit Reigns with Midnight Hour. They set up a ladder for Kingston to climb, but Ziggler ran down to take them out. 

Everyone brawled on the outside while Neville set up the ladder in the ring. Neville then knocked everyone down with a dive off the top of the ladder to the outside. Great spot. Neville jumped back in the ring, climbed the ladder and grabbed the briefcase, posing to end the show. 

Final Thoughts: 

Basically a nothing show until the last 5 minutes.