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WWE Smackdown & Main Event TV taping results & spoilers: Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

Dark Match:

- Fandango over Brad Maddox
- Jack Swagger submitted King Barrett

Main Event:

-Neville defeats Heath Slater with the Red Arrow
-Ascension over Meta Powers (Sandow/Axel) with the Fall of Man
-R Truth beats Adam Rose with King Barrett on commentary. After the match, King Barrett storms the ring and gets laid out by R-Truth.
-Luke Harper beats Cesaro

For the show that airs Wednesday in Canada and on Thursday in the U.S.:

Jimmy Uso was on commentary with Tom Phillips and Jerry Lawler.

Seth Rollins, Kane and Joey Mercury came out to start the show. Rollins said that he would dedicate his match to Jamie Noble.  Ryback was called to the ring.  Ryback and Rollins went back-and-forth on the mic, setting up a Ryback vs. Kane match. Rollins then challenged Dean Ambrose for later in the show.

- Sheamus b Dolph Ziggler: Rusev came out with a mic and wanted Lana back. He said he would kiss her the right way. She blew him off and he was so mad he he went to the back. Sheamus won clean with the Brogue kick, but there was no distraction finish.

Rusev was backstage and Summer Rae came up to him again.

- Alicia Fox (with the Bella Twints) b Naomi. Tamina Snuka superkicked both Bellas, but Fox won with a roll-up as Naomi was taunting them.

The New Day were doing a backstage interview.  The Prime Time Players came out.  Titus O'Neil was making fun of Big E.  Bo Dallas came out and said he wanted to join The New Day in a match. He tried to calp with them, but had no rhythm.

Ryback was coming to the ring when Big Show attacked him.  Ryback was left laying.

- Ryback b Kane via DQ.  Kane tried to beat Ryback right away, but Ryback kicked out.  Ryback came back and went for shell shock, but Show attacked Ryback for the DQ.  Show and Kane each gave Ryback choke slams and he was left laying.

- Prime Time Players & Lucha Dragons b New Day & Bo Dallas.  Kalisto pinned Xavier Woods with a 450.

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose were backstage. Ambrose said they should go after Bray Wyatt together, but Reigns told Ambrose he wants to do this one himself. Reigns then found a picture of himself in a bag with the wording "Anyone but you."  Reigns ran around backstage looking for Wyatt, but Kane stopped him and kicked him out of the building for being a liability.

- WWE Champion Seth Rollins b Dean Ambrose.  Lots of near falls but Rollins won clean with a pedigree. Mercury and Kane were at ringside distracting Ambrose. The ending was weird as Ambrose goes out of his way during his comeback to pull Mercury into the ring to hit Dirty Deeds, but Rollins hits the pedigree for the win. Not sure if Mercury was supposed to be in the ring on his own by that time, but Ambrose had no reason to pull him in during his comeback. I'm sure it will make sense on tv. After the match Kane, Mercury and Rollins stand tall.

After Smackdown, Big Show comes down to attack Ambrose. Ryback ran out to help but got beat down as well. Finally Roman Reigns came out and all the faces hit their finishers and sent everyone home happy.

(Thanks to Aaron Fisch)