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WWE Smackdown spoilers 12-1: Handicap match with Roman Reigns against League of Nations


The show opened with Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and the Usos out.  Some fans started a "Hug It Out" chant so Reigns and Ambrose hugged for a pop.  The League of Nations came out along with The New Day.  This built to where Ambrose and The Usos were to wrestle The New Day, and if Ambrose & The Usos didn't win, then Reigns would have to face the League of Nations in a handicap match by himself.

Tyler Breeze beat Neville due to distraction from Summer Rae.  Dolph Ziggler was watching the match.

Becky Lynch did an interview.  She doesn't believe Charlotte is like Paige.  Brie Bella then made fun of her for believing that.  Charlotte showed up and said she would always be behind Lynch.

Brie Bella beat Becky Lynch via DQ.  Brie knocked Charlotte off the apron so she ran in for the DQ, costing Lynch the match.  They teased more tension between Charlotte and Lynch.

Miz did an interview for his new program with Neville.  He made fun of Neville for having no charisma and funny looking ears.  He then gave Neville a DVD of his new movie.

Rusev & Lana vowed to destroy Ryback.

New Day beat Dean Ambrose & Usos when Woods pinned Jey after a shining wizard.

Bray Wyatt beat Devon Dudleys with Sister Abigail.  The Wyatts beat down the Dudleys & Tommy Dreamer and put them through a table after.

Roman Reigns beat Sheamus & Barrett & Rusev & Del Rio when  Sheamus was counted out.  Ambrose and The Usos came out and cleaned house.