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WWE Smackdown spoilers: Roman Reigns vs. Miz; more Styles/Gallows/Anderson drama

Reigns vs. Miz

By Chris Silva from the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, NH

Main Event --

- Titus O'Neil defeated Tyler Breeze. Huge pop for Titus, and almost no offense by Tyler.

- Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson beat Zack Ryder & Fandango

- Dolph Ziggler beat Viktor of the Ascension.

- Kevin Owens beat Jack Swagger

Smackdown --

- The show opens with a Roman Reigns promo. He punched AJ Styles on Monday and will do it again Sunday. He doesn't believe that AJ is not in cahoots with Anderson and Gallows. He calls out Styles, but Miz and Maryse come out. Miz runs down Styles and tries to go for a handshake but is punched by Reigns and thrown out of the ring. Boos but not brutal.

Cesaro, Sami Zayn and Kalisto beat Sheamus, Del Rio, and Rusev by countout

Cesaro, Zayn and Kalisto were mystery opponents. The LON were arguing amongst themselves during the match, shoving each other, and then Del Rio bailed. Rusev bailed a few minutes later. Sheamus took some abuse for a few minutes alone before also bailing, resulting in the countout.

- Backstage, the arguing continues. They all shoved and wrestled around with each other.

Baron Corbin beat Damien Sandow

Big pop for Sandow. No offense though and he got beat in a quick squash.

- AJ Styles backstage interview with Renee. He will be at ringside tonight for Roman vs. Miz.

- Anti smoking ad with Dolph and Titus.

Ambrose Asylum

Natalya out first, and says the odds will be even at Payback because she will have Bret Hart in her corner. Charlotte and Flair come out. Flair says he beat Bret in WWE and WCW, and if Vince sent them to the moon, he would have beat them there too. Natalya corrects him, says Bret beat Ric for the title just like she will beat Charlotte for the title.

Enzo & Cass beat Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas

New Day came out to do commentary. They made Byron Saxton sit on the floor. Vaudevillains came out to watch from the ramp. Quick squash. Cass runs down the Vaudevillains, an says they're s-a-w-f-t.

Apollo Crews beat Stardust

"Cody" chants for Stardust, so I guess that's back.

WWE Champion Roman Reigns beat I-C Champion Miz

Reigns won after hitting a spear. AJ was on commentary. Post match, Gallows and Anderson came to beat down Reigns. AJ didn't stop them. Usos come to save Reigns. Both sides fight. Reigns clotheslines AJ over the top rope to end the show. 

In a dark match, Dean Ambrose beat Kevin Owens