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WWE Smackdown TV report - Ambrose & Reigns vs. Rollins & Harper

WWE SmackDown TV Report 4-23-15: Reigns and Ambrose team up against Rollins and Harper

By Steve Khan,

Air Date: April 23, 2015

Location: Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, RI


Roman Reigns pinned Seth Rollins in a tag main event.

Show Details:

Seth Rollins came out with Noble and Mercury. They showed a replay of Randy Orton’s RKOs on Raw. Rollins reminded us that the RKO is banned at Extreme Rules and that Kane will be the gatekeeper. Rollins said he doesn’t need help from J&J Security or an aging former monster. That brought out Kane, who said he could be Rollins’ best friend or the cause of his greatest loss. Rollins did a Vince McMahon impression telling Kane he’d be fired if he screwed up. Rollins said Kane was only given this role because Triple H felt sorry for him.

Kane said, since they’re acting like adults, maybe Rollins could do him a favour. Kane wanted Rollins to lay down for him just like Kane did for Rollins last week. The way Kane said this was meant to get a reaction from the crowd, but it didn’t. Rollins laughed and said the champ doesn’t lie down for anyone. Kane called out a referee and reminded Rollins that he’s in charge tonight because Triple H wasn’t there. Rollins refused, so Kane told him to do it or he’d rip Rollins’ guts out. Rollins laid down like a chump but Kane pulled him up and said he was just kidding. Kane said he had his back but his opponent tonight doesn’t.

That brought out Dean Ambrose, but he was ambushed by Luke Harper and J&J Security. Roman Reigns made the save, chasing away Rollins and hitting Harper with a superman punch. After the break, they announced Ambrose and Reigns against Rollins and Harper.

Dolph Ziggler & Neville vs. Bad News Barrett & Sheamus

Ziggler and Neville did an in-set promo. Neville spoke for the first time on WWE TV, saying they would cut Sheamus and Barrett down to size. Sheamus, the heel, did a promo in the ring right to his opponents' faces, saying size matters and underdogs never win. He’d bring a step ladder to Extreme Rules to make it easier for Ziggler to kiss his ass. So Vince McMahon is living vicariously through Sheamus, basically.

Neville started and sent Sheamus and Barrett to the outside. Barrett took a pretty bad bump and didn’t seem happy about it. He effectively took a back body drop over the top rope straight to the outside. Neville hit them with a corkscrew plancha and they went to a commercial. If this were real, why would they schedule a match knowing they’d have to go to commercial a minute later?

After the break, Sheamus worked over Neville who came back with an enziguri. Neville made the hot tag to Ziggler who hit Barrett with a jumping DDT. Sheamus distracted him and Barrett hit Wasteland for two. Ziggler dodged a Bullhammer, tagged in Neville and hit a Zig Zag. Ziggler took out Sheamus with a superkick allowing Neville to hit Red Arrow on Barrett for the win. Good but short. Neville needed the win.

They showed some videos from Tough Enough entrants. One girl thought it would be awesome to get in the ring with Brie Bella. I wonder what her favourite match of all time is?

Bray Wyatt promo. Assuming he’s talking about Ryback, Wyatt said he would take away Ryback’s strength, because “what good is a butterfly without it’s wings?”

Natalya vs. Naomi

Natalya went for the sharpshooter but Naomi slapped her in the face (missing completely) and hit Rear View for the win. After the match, Naomi punted Natalya in the gut and laughed about it. This was the fifth singles match between these two on TV since February, third on SmackDown alone.

The Prime Time Players did a backstage promo calling out Cesaro and Tyson Kidd. This was the worst one yet. Basically, they said Cesaro is boring and Kidd is whipped. Titus had to stop Darren from calling Kidd a “pussy.”

Lana and Rusev came out for a promo. She said John Cena felt the true power of the Russian chain on Raw. Rusev said the chain is a handicap for Cena, but it’s a weapon for him. Rusev said he’s America’s champion and this is his world. He said Ryback would join the list of fallen Americans. Well, that’s pretty grim.

Rusev w/Lana vs. Ryback

They went back and forth and Ryback did an impressive delayed vertical suplex. Rusev dodged a shoulder block, sending Ryback into the ring post. After a break, there was a dueling Let’s Go Cena/Cena Sucks chant. Ryback made a comeback, hitting a spinebuster and meat-hook clothesline. Ryback went for Shell-shocked but Rusev escaped to the outside and hit him with the chain, resulting in a DQ. Rusev put Ryback in the Accolade using the chain and posed in front of the Russian flag.

Backstage, Rollins, Noble and Mercury looked for Luke Harper. Noble said he should do the talking because Harper is his cousin. Noble tried to explain but Rollins wasn’t buying it. They bumped into Harper who appeared suddenly. Noble and Rollins tried getting Harper on their side, but he didn’t say anything. Mercury, still a mute, tried pantomime what they wanted him to do. Harper grabbed the mute by the collar for disrupting his concentration. Harper said he was thinking about what he was going to do to Ambrose and Reigns. Rollins tried to calm him down, but Harper told Rollins to stay out of his way. In hindsight, this led to nothing.

Kofi Kingston w/New Day vs. Cesaro w/Tyson Kidd

Big E said there was a plague in WWE -- a lack of happiness, smiling and clapping. Xavier Woods said have no fear, New Day is here. Kingston said they clap to promote positivity and would be the new tag champs. They clapped and people chanted New Day sucks.

Cesaro went for a big swing but Woods distracted him. Kidd yanked Woods off the apron but Big E followed by suplexing Kidd. Cesaro knocked down Big E with a baseball slide and Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise for the quick win.

They showed a backstage interview Renee did with Big Show on Monday. Show is sick of Reigns being given opportunities and would put Reigns where he belongs -- beneath Show. This was one of those interviews that seemed spontaneous and unscripted and was much more effective as a result.

Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns vs. Luke Harper & Seth Rollins w/J&J Security

Kane came out to sit in a chair. Ambrose and Reigns had full control over Harper and Rollins. Rollins was able to get some offense on Reigns, but Ambrose tagged in and ran wild. Rollins pushed him off the ropes to the outside and J&J attacked him behind the referee’s back, and Harper followed with a big boot.

After a break, the heels worked over Ambrose. Ambrose hit a tornado DDT to Harper, but it didn’t matter and the heels stayed in control. Ambrose and Rollins collided mid-air and Ambrose made the hot tag to Reigns. Reigns hit Harper with a Samoan drop and gutwrench slam. He knocked J&J off the apron with a superman punch, hit Harper with one too but Rollins broke up the cover. Ambrose took Rollins out with a flying elbow drop. Ambrose tried a suicide dive but Harper caught him and tossed him over the barricade. Reigns knocked Rollins off the apron and Harper hit Reigns with two superkicks for a near fall.

Rollins tagged in and hit a flying knee on Reigns for another near fall. Rollins hit a turnbuckle bomb and Harper followed with a discus clothesline but Ambrose broke up the cover. Ambrose got a hot tag and nailed Rollins with a rebound clothesline. With all four heels on the outside, Ambrose landed an elbow drop off the top rope. Kane tossed Rollins back in the ring, Reigns tagged himself in and hit a spear for the win. Reigns pinned the champ.

Final Thoughts:

Not much of a show but the main event was fun.

The opening match was a good example of how quickly they can freshen things up by bringing in new guys. Neville was a breath of fresh air being in the mix with some fairly top level guys.

Quick Match Results:

Neville & Dolph Ziggler beat Bad News Barrett & Sheamus via pinfall

Naomi beat Natalya via pinfall

Ryback beat Rusev via disqualification

Kofi Kingston beat Cesaro via pinfall

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose beat Seth Rollins & Luke Harper via pinfall