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WWE SmackDown video highlights: Owens sends a message to Reigns


Kevin Owens sent a message to Universal Champion Roman Reigns on last night's Survivor Series fallout episode of SmackDown.

Owens faced Reigns' cousin Jey Uso in the main event of last night's show. The match ended in a disqualification when Uso attacked Owens with a steel chair, but Owens was able to turn the tables on Uso after hitting a stunner. Owens threw Uso over the announce table, got his own steel chair, and attacked Uso with it. As Reigns was shown watching the attack on a television backstage, Owens said this was happening because of Reigns. Owens repeatedly hit Uso with the chair and said he fears no one -- including Reigns.

Owens dared Reigns to come find him. He laid out Uso with another stunner. Owens asked where Reigns was and said he would be waiting for him. A furious Reigns was again shown watching on TV as the show ended.

Last night's episode had began with Reigns criticizing Uso for his recent failures. Reigns said that if people don't fear or respect Uso, they don't fear or respect him. Uso responded by attacking Otis with a steel chair and later attacking Daniel Bryan. The second attack was broken up by Owens. Owens said he's had it with Reigns and Uso's family issues affecting everyone on SmackDown. He said for someone who says family is so important, Reigns treats his like trash. After Owens left, Reigns said Owens doesn't look at him with fear. He ordered Uso to fix that. 

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