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WWE SmackDown video highlights: Rollins & Owens vs. The Usos

Friday's SmackDown was headlined by a tag match with Royal Rumble implications.

Roman Reigns won't have his cousins at ringside for his Universal Championship defense at the Royal Rumble.

The main event of last night's SmackDown was a tag team match with Royal Rumble implications. If The Usos defeated Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens, Rollins would lose his Universal title shot at the Rumble. If Rollins & Owens won, The Usos would be banned from ringside for the match.

When Rollins hit a stomp and was about to get the win, Reigns ran in and laid him out with a Superman punch. It was announced that Rollins & Owens were the winners by disqualification -- and The Usos would still be banned from ringside.

Rollins proposed last night's tag match after interrupting Reigns and The Usos during the opening segment of the show. The Usos accepted the match on behalf of Reigns and said there wasn't anyone at SmackDown who would team with Rollins anyway. But Rollins then revealed that his friend Owens from Raw was there with him and would be his partner. 

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