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WWE Smackdown/Main Event spoilers from Dallas: Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler & Roman Reigns vs. Wade Barrett, Sheamus, & Big Show, Finn Balor

Submitted by Tod Sullivan

Dark match: 

- Los Matadors vs two job guys I didn't get the name of. Solid match good heat from the crowd for most things. Torito involved outside. Matadors with a back cracker for the win. Job guys given plenty of offense.

WWE Main Event taping:

- JBL, Rich Brennan commentating. Good response for JBL

- Fandango vs. R-Truth: Rosa dancing in the ring. Truth got a good response. Fandango with a roll up after posting Truth.

- Clip of Cena open challenge from Raw.

- Summer Rae vs Emma who was not doing the dance. Four guys tried to get a 'thank you' AJ chant going. Crowd dead for this. Summer Rae with her leg drop finisher. Wasn't bad but no heat.

Heath Slater vs Mark Henry: Slater out first to cut a promo. Good cheap heat for telling crowd Cowboys suck. Henry in about a minute with worlds strongest slam. Good response for Henry. Interacts with JBL for good response, puts his hat on etc. Crowd liked him.

- Clips of Rock and Rousey / HHH Steph from mania.

- Raw rebound. Big heat for Rollins.

- Miz vs. Jack Swagger: Good heat on Miz entrance. Lots of 'we want mizdow' chants. Mizdow out, good response comes to sit ringside. Miz going to the top rope distracted by Mizdow. Mizdow distraction again as Miz went for for skull crushing finale. Swagger by ankle lock submission in about 10 mins. Crowd stayed with it.

WWE Smackdown

- Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips and Jerry Lawler commentating. For live crowd Lawler warms up the crowd, talks about USA Network deal

- Finn Balor vs. Xavier Woods in a dark match. BIG response for Balor. Balor's offense was over. Balor with foot stomp at around 8 minutes.

- Daniel Bryan out. Huge response. Footage from last week of Wade Barrett attacking him for countout. Talks about making I-C title mean more. Barrett out to gloat over previous week. Sheamus out. Good heat 'you look stupid' chant (which Bryan had alluded to). Threatened to come down together to give Bryan a 'European style arse kicking'. Dolph Ziggler out, offers to fight them right now. Big Show out. Reigns out to very good reaction. Faces run off heels. Good heat for all this.

- Neville hype video. Good response.

- Kidd and Cesaro shown back stage coming out.

- New Day out. Big E berates crowd to clap. Crowd kind of clap and kind of boo then settle into new day sucks chants. 

- Kidd and Cesaro vs Big E and Kofi Kingston (w/ Xavier Woods at ringside): New Day wrestling as the babyfaces. Kidd and Cesaro cheating to get Big E in trouble. Cesaro dead lifting Big E into a gut wrench got a response. Giant swing on E got a good response. European uppercut from the outside into Kidd who hits finisher for the win in approx 12 mins.

- Curtis Axel out talking about Neville being small. Neville out. 

- Axel vs Neville: Neville's offense and speed are over with crowd, hits a corkscrew plancha. Red arrow for the squash at around 2 mins. Crowd really liked Neville.

- Renee Backstage with Naomi, Natalya, and Alicia Fox. Another dreadful promo for the divas battle royal.

- Cameron guest referee for Alicia Fox vs Natalya with an awesome build up where Alicia called her old backstage. Cameron in a remarkable referees outfit. Natalya via sharp shooter tap out in about 4 minutes. Cameron attacks Natalya and Alicia after the match to heel response.

- Erick Rowan vs Bray Wyatt: Wyatt out entrance still way over. Cuts promo on Rowan. Crowd 'what' chanting this. Something something, he's basically going to 'finally destroy' Erick Rowan. He's the new face of fear. Crowd died for this early. Back and forth match. Bray eventually won with the Sister Abigail in around 8 minutes.

- Miz out with ring set up for Miz TV. Clips from raw. Gets heat. Plugs movie. Trailer for The Marine 4. Summer Rae out. Argument about who is the star / co star. Miz running Mizdow down. Mizdow out. Prepared to forgive everything if Damian says sorry. Good heat for all this. They shake hands and Mizdow apologises then knocks him out of the ring and destroys the set. Crowd into Mizdow. Gets a kiss with Summer Rae who likes it in a shock move.

- Wade Barrett, Sheamus and Big Show vs Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler and Roman Reigns: All three faces get a good response, especially Bryan. Heels get heat on Ziggler, hit tag to Bryan. Bryan very over. Long heat segment on Bryan. Very strong 'we want Roman' chants. Huge response to hit tag to reigns. Everyone on the floor. Reigns gets win with spear on Barrett.

- Raw returns to Dallas on 10/19. Presale password is DALLAS.