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WWE SummerSlam News: Steve Austin, Ric Flair & post-SS RAW

WWE SummerSlam 2015

By Josh Nason,

Here's a few news & notes items related to WWE SummerSlam as we head into what will be a big weekend of news:

- Despite being in Brooklyn, NY, former WWE Champion and overall mega-star "Stone Cold" Steve Austin will not be sticking around for Saturday's NXT show or the big event on Sunday. For those that thought he might do an appearance of some sort on the four-hour monolith, that won't be the case.

- However, another wrestling star will be around as "Nature Boy" Ric Flair is in Brooklyn and should be around for the shows. No word on whether he'll actually be seen on camera for NXT or SummerSlam, but as they, stay tuned.

- We all know how wrestling rumors go, but we were told to expect something "huge" for Monday's RAW. There wasn't any additional info given, but it's safe to assume that's not referring to a Big Show vs. Kane main event.