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WWE Superstars results (10/30): Bo Dallas vs. Fandango, Kalisto vs. Viktor

Bo Dallas

The Big Takeaway:

They mixed up the tag team action by giving Kalisto and Viktor a singles match which freshened things up somewhat. The main event between Bo Dallas and Fandango was pretty entertaining with near falls and false finishes. A good show this week.

Show Recap:

Kalisto beat Viktor (4:13)

At the bell Viktor uses Kalisto to toss him around. He’s not a big guy which is partly why The Ascension doesn’t work for me; Konnor has much better size for this sort of intimidation gimmick but Viktor is a much smoother worker. A drop kick from Kalisto followed by a springboard arm drag takedown and a springboard headlock takedown makes this match come to life. Viktor rolls outside and Kalisto pounces with a springboard moonsault.

Back in the ring, Konnor distracts and so Kalisto runs into a high knee. Viktor follows this up with stomps and covers him for a two count. Viktor then uses European uppercuts and Flair chops that the crowd are all over. Then he uses an underhook suplex and a fist drop into another cover for two. Viktor locks on a modified chicken wing hold on the mat. When Kalisto gets out he leaps into action with a springboard arm drag and a headscissors takedown. He then uses his spike rana and goes for a cover but Konnor’s distraction means he gets rolled up for two. Sin Cara then goes at Konnor outside with a senton, and then Kalisto hits Viktor with the SDS for the win. Good short match.

Fandango beat Bo Dallas (9:20)

They lock up and Fandango takes the early going with a clothesline, two uppercuts and a chop. I know I always harp on about this, but Bo’s stomach. Its getting worse. He needs a gimmick change because he could be very good. They chain wrestle until Dallas just about runs into a drop kick by Fandango. Dallas then rolls up Fandango for a two count and then goes outside for a victory lap. Fandango scouts it and rolls outside and charges into Fandango who takes a bump as we head to a break.

When we come back, Fandango suplexes Dallas and covers him for two. Dallas gets a high knee to Fandango and then throws him off the apron into the dasher boards. Fandango sells it and takes an 8 count. When he rolls back Fandango undersells some knees from Dallas and hits him with a neckbreaker. He puts on a rear chin lock and when Dallas gets out, out of the whip, Fandango takes a knee to the stomach.

Fandango throws Dallas through the ropes and he clips his chin on the bottom rope on the way out. He looks dazed and the ref counts to 8. He rolls back in and is immediately set upon by Fandango with an atomic drop, three clotheslines and scoop slam a la Randy Orton. Fandango covers him but can only get two, so he goes up to the top rope to set up for the Last Dance but Dallas blocks it and they tease the superplex.

Fandango fights Dallas off and leaves him draped over the ropes and hits the Last Dance. This was pretty creative and looked good. Fandango gets the near fall and then uses a side Russian leg sweep but Bo rolls out under the ropes to the apron, sweeps Fandango’s legs and then comes back in and finishes him with his new finisher – a rope hung whiplash neckbreaker. The last few minutes of this were good. It was encouraging to see them get some time to build to a finish.