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WWE Superstars results (11/7): Neville relegated to singles action; Bo Dallas gets a rare win.

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The Big Takeaway: Neville beats Slater with his move and Bo Dallas gets a rare win over Zack Ryder in a good main event.

Neville beat Heath Slater (4:02)

Watching last week’s Table for 3, it was interesting to see Neville up close. He’s a very low-key guy who loves wrestling and takes great care of himself, but he was clearly pretty sad about not being apart of NXT anymore. And when you see him used like this on Superstars, you can sympathise with him.

They lock up and Neville takes a shoulder barge to the mat and Slater poses and gyrates his hips. Neville regroups and they start again and this time Neville takes down Slater for a quick cover and then catches him and face plants him into the mat. Neville then flips between the ropes and catches Slater with a diving cross body off the second turn buckle and covers him for two.

Slater charges Neville into the corner and beats him down. Slater locks in a chin lock and Neville works out into a neckbreaker but he then runs right into Slater’s boot. Slater tries the cover but can only get two and so goes back to the chin lock. This time it is more effective and Neville has to work out with punches. Slater runs into Nevilles boot, who now gets the heat with kicks and an enzugiri which allows him to set up and hit the Red Arrow for the win.

Bo Dallas beat Zack Ryder (7:54)

Ryder tries to get the crowd going early but the reaction is tepid. Dallas immediately goes for a roll up at the bell and Ryder kicks out, but that is enough for Dallas to take a victory lap. He goes back into the ring and eats and drop kick and then Ryder uses a headlock takedown for a quick two count. He then flips him with a fireman’s carry into a wrist lock and rings the arm until Dallas uses the ropes to break the hold.

Dallas goes outside and Ryder hits him through the ropes with a missile drop kick. They go back in the ring but Dallas rolls back outside and plays possum and sweeps Ryder’s legs on the apron. He then side Russian leg sweeps Ryder into the dasher boards. We go to a break as Dallas is in the ring waiting for Ryder to get back up.

As we return, Ryder is trying to shake off the beating but takes a forearm to the mat. Dallas goes outside and uses a series of forearms to the back of Ryder’s neck. He covers Ryder for two and then puts on a rear chin lock. Ryder fights out but takes a high knee to the jaw and is then able to face plant Dallas to get some space.

Ryder gets the heat with a flying forearm, gets his knees up as Dallas charges at him and then goes for a missile drop kick off the second rope. Dallas dodges it and Ryder takes a flat back bump and Dallas gets a two count. Dallas uses a neckbreaker but again Ryder kicks out. Dallas is frustrated and yells “come on!” Ryder hits an enzugiri and then sets up and hits the Broski Boot. Dallas rolls outside and Ryder hits him with a drop kick which sends him into the barricade. Ryder goes up top but is crotched and Dallas hits his new finisher, the rope-hung whiplash neckbreaker, for the win. This was very good.