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WWE Superstars results (12/05): Former NXT champs Neville & Bo Dallas main event.

Neville v Bo Dallas

The Big Takeaway: Zack Ryder beat Heath Slater in a short opener and Neville and Dallas showed glimpses of their old rivalry from NXT in a solid main event.

Show recap:

Zack Ryder beat Heath Slater (4:37)

Ryder looks in such great shape, you have to feel for the guy: he works pretty well, he’s over, if they let him be, and he has a good physique and genetics. They lock up and Slater shoves Ryder off only to turn round and eat a drop kick. Ryder shoulder barges Slater, but a hip toss is blocked and instead he is clotheslined. Slater then runs into Ryder’s boot and after a leapfrog, Ryder gets nailed by the big boot of Slater.

Slater takes over with knees and stomps and slows things down with a chin lock. When Ryder works his way out, he runs into a heel kick. Slater then chokes Ryder out in the corner with his foot and then returns to the chin lock. Ryder tries to work his way out but is thrown back to the mat. Slater’s suplex attempt is reversed and he runs into Ryder’s knees in the corner. Ryder hits him with a second rope missile drop kick, followed by a running forearm smash. He sets up and hits the Broski Boot but Slater kicks out at two. So, the Rough Ryder wins it for Zack Ryder.

Neville beat Bo Dallas (8:10)

Dallas and Neville are travel partners. Some would say that they’re odd bedfellows in many respects but after their NXT rivalry, they found each other to be very good company. They are both hoping that on the main roster that their rivalry can be reignited at some point. Clearly, that’s not the case here, but they really worked hard to show us a little bit of what made their program on NXT special.

On the bell, Dallas shoulder barges Neville to mat and exclaims, ‘Bo-lieve!’ to some good heat. Neville responds with a leg sweep and takes Dallas to all four corners in turn to deliver kicks to his midriff. Neville then snapmares him into a basement drop kick to the back of his head. When Neville springboard cross bodies Dallas, Bo calls for a time out. Dallas plays possum and grabs Neville and throws him outside as we head to a break.

When we return Dallas uses a cravat for some time on Neville. He wears him down for a two count and then off the ropes hits Neville with a huge forearm smash, but again can only get a two count. Neville gets in some kicks, but takes an almighty clothesline for a two count. Neville finally manages to get some breathing space when he dodges Dallas’ charge, sending him over the top rope to the outside. Neville uses a springboard moonsault on to Dallas on the outside and then rolls him back inside for the Red Arrow. Dallas has the move scouted, so Neville lands on his feet, turns round and hits him with an enzugiri. Neville then hits the Red Arrow for the win.