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WWE Superstars results: Sami Zayn vs. Curtis Axel


The Superstars intro brings us to the ramp, where Jack Swagger comes down. Jinder Mahal makes his entrance to no reaction. They show a recap of Mahal defeating Heath Slater to gain his contract. Corey Graves says that Mahal spent his time away from WWE to better himself in every way.

Jack Swagger defeated Jinder Mahal

"We the People" chant breaks out as Swagger takes Mahal down to the mat. Mahal lands a series of forearms after a back elbow and kicks away in the corner. Mahal doesn't appear to be in his best shape.

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Mahal clips the knee and hits the Yakuza Kick for two. Mahal chokes Swagger on the ropes until a four count, and then knees away at the face. Swagger hits a big belly-to-belly suplex, then the Swagger Bomb, and gets two.

Mahal avoids the gutwrench powerbomb and lands a nice-looking running knee to the side of the head for two. Mahal misses an enzuigiri, and Swagger gets the win with the Patriot Lock. Mahal looked reasonably good here with his strikes -- the running knee would make for a nice finish for him.

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The Lana and Rusev wedding reception from Raw is re-aired in full. Lana took one of the best bumps ever into a cake, it was great. The Orton vs. Lesnar sitdown video package is aired. And a Cruiserweight Classic hype video leads to the main event of Sami Zayn vs. Curtis Axel. Zayn is out first, followed by Axel.  

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Sami Zayn defeated Curtis Axel

Zayn and Axel tie-up and Axel dominates him into the corner. Graves talks about how Zayn is no longer tied to Owens. He's now a man without an island. Zayn lands an armdrag and sends Axel (and his growing skullet) to the floor.

Zayn teases a dive but flips back into the ring, leading to Axel pulling him to the floor. Zayn moonsaults off the apron to gain an edge. Zayn's shoulder gets posted and they talk about his shoulder injuries. Axel stun guns the arm and we go to a break.

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Zayn uses his good arm to fight back with forearms after the break. Axel sets him up on the second rope and clotheslines the back of the head for two. Axel punches away at the left shoulder and runs to the ropes, but eats a lariat and an exploder.

Zayn goes for the Blue Thunder Bomb with the left arm, but can't lift him. Zayn avoids the Perfect Plex and hits a tornado DDT, and then the Helluva kick ends it. Both matches tonight were pretty fun -- Superstars is a great way to see mid-card guys shine in ways they usually wouldn't be given time to on Raw.

The show ends with a Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins hype video and the Sasha Banks vs. Dana Brooke match from Raw.

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