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WWE Superstars results: strong main event, R-Truth squash match

The Miz

The Big Takeaway: Adam Rose continues to lose with this woeful gimmick and The Miz and Zack Ryder, of all people, had a good match in the main event.


R-Truth beat Adam Rose (3:32)

Adam Rose came out for a promo. He blamed the WWE universe for blocking his path to fame. He said that in the future everyone would talk about him because he’s going to be “so famous”. This was dull but he got good heat.

Straight off the bat, Truth tries an O’Conner roll, but Rose kicks out and they exchange arm rings. They chain wrestle until Truth stops Rose in his tracks and gyrates his hips at him. Then he hip tosses him and Rose begs for mercy, going to the ropes. The ref stops things, urging Truth to back off, but Rose takes the opportunity to use a cheap shot and then throws Truth outside and does a running kick on the apron.

Rose rolls Truth back in and goes for the cover, which only gets a two count. He beats him down with elbows and a chin lock but a backdrop gets Truth out. Rose’s charge to the corner is blocked by Truth’s elbow and then Truth gets the heat with clotheslines, a heel kick, but then he misses a scissors kick. Rose hits Truth with a discus clothesline and covers him for two. Then Truth stays down, playing possum, and after the ref checks on him he pops up and hits Rose with the Lie Detector for the win. What a heel!

The Miz beat Zack Ryder (7:02)

I saw Miz live at the house shows on the European tour recently and was really reminded what a great heel he can be, particularly given the right context. He plays The Miz very well. Ryder, meanwhile, was featured on last week’s Breaking Ground where they profiled Mojo Rawley and focused in on the tag teams. He really comes off as a thoughtful and dedicated guy who just desperately wants to play a role that is taken seriously in this company. Anyway, here, these two had a good match.

Miz takes his glasses off at the bell – I still quite like this spot. Ryder shoulder barges him, so Miz takes a walk. When he slides back in, he uses a shoulder barge of his own and then mocks the ‘Woo’ fist pump. Miz goes for a neckbreaker, but it is broken up by Ryder who hits him with a beautifully timed drop kick, followed by a face plant. Ryder sends Miz over the top rope to the outside and then missile drop kicks him through the ropes. He rolls him back in, but as Ryder is mounting the apron, Miz sends him flying into the announce table. We head to a break.

Miz is stomping Ryder as we return. When Ryder kicks out of a pin at two, he hits him with elbows. Ryder takes a buckle bump well and Miz does his running corner clothesline. Miz comes off the top with a double axe handle, but is punched in the stomach by Ryder and so they both go down. Ryder then gets some hope with a flying clothesline, but a top rope drop kick is dodged by Miz who hits him with a DDT for two. Then Miz tries for a suplex but it is reversed into a neckbreaker by Ryder for two.

Ryder then misses the Rough Ryder, Miz misses a charge to the corner and so Ryder goes for the Broski Boot. This is scouted by Miz, who rolls outside. Miz then counters a sunset flip, and holds the ropes while pinning Ryder. The ref spots it and breaks up the pin. Ryder charges and misses a cross body and hits the ropes, so Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale for the win. This was an entirely solid match.