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WWE Superstars spoilers & other RAW live notes

Thanks to Chris

The following notes are from RAW in Tampa, FL, Monday night.

Superstars TV results:

- Dolph Ziggler was announcing Superstars with Tom Phillips and David Otunga this week.

- Golden Truth beat The Ascension in about five minutes when Goldust got Victor with the Final Cut.

- Baron Corbin def. Jack Swagger with the End of Days in about seven minutes.


- After Raw, the Club and Seth Rollins surrounded Dean Ambrose when Big Show, Enzo, and Cass came out. It turned into an 8-man tag that broke down into everyone hitting finishers with Big Show pinning Anderson with the chokeslam.

- During Raw, the reactions for John Cena were far and away louder than for anyone else. It wasn't close.

- The crowd lost steam with Kane being the mystery opponent for Miz and never really got fully back into the show at that point. Given that it was Florida, a lot were expecting Finn Balor or Nakamura since they were both seen around the arena earlier.

It was interesting that they were not offering refunds for Roman Reigns not appearing as if Cena or Austin were pulled from a show in the past, they would offer refunds.

- Shane McMahon was also advertised but wasn't there.