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WWE Superstars TV Report 05-08-15: Los Matadores play heel against the Lucha Dragons, Luke Harper vs. Jack Swagger

By James Cox,

Luke Harper beat Jack Swagger with the discus clothesline (4:33)

Harper comes out to his nondescript music together with tron that shows lots of eyeballs and I’m convinced further that the best thing that they can do right now is to put The Wyatts back together. Jack Swagger is still sans Zeb Colter and, in my eyes, still looks bloated and ought to get leaner.

They kick things off and immediately Harper locks on the Gator Roll, but Swagger is able to get under the ropes to take a breather. Meanwhile, in the ring Harper takes to posturing and this great Montreal crowd starts to heat up with a “We the people” chant. 

Swagger comes back in and starts up with a takedown followed by a Gator Roll of his own. He then kneels on Harper’s back and hits him with some disrespectful slaps to the back of the head, stands up, plants his hand across his chest and the crowd join in with a “we the people” proclamation. 

Swagger than lands a belly to belly on Harper and coves him for two. Then out of nowhere we get a drop kick from Harper, who immediately goes for a cover, but again can only get two. Harper suplexes Swagger while Rich Brennan questions Byron Saxton on Raw. Saxton notes that he once tried out for Tough Enough. Brennan asks him what the experience was like and all Saxton had to say was, "you never forget it.” Huh.

Harper locks in a rear chin lock and then when Swagger powers out, he runs into a big boot. Harper coves him and gets two and then stomps him some more before going back to the rear chin lock. This time, when Swagger powers out, Harper misses the big boot and so Swagger is able to takes out his leg with a shoulder barge. Swagger then hits a running high knee, followed by a scoop slam and he then goes looking for the Patriot Lock. This is countered by Harper, as is the Swagger bomb.

Finally, Swagger is able to get the Patriot Lock on to Harper’s leg, but Harper is able to push him off and so Swagger is thrown outside. When he comes back in, Harper smashes him with the discus clothesline for the win.

The Lucha Dragons beat Los Matadores in 8:54

Los Matadores came out and took the heel corner for this match and garnered plenty of boos from this wonderful Montreal crowd. Seeing this match come up, I feared that it would be impossible to follow and report on, but then when it played out I remembered that this is WWE, not New Japan.

Sin Cara and Fernando chain wrestle for a while early on until Fernando is able to shoulder barge Sin Cara to the mat. Pleased with himself and keen to get some heat, he raises his arm and shouts “Ole” only to hear boos galore. Fernando shrugs off the reaction and goes back to work. Sin Cara uses a side Russian leg sweep followed by a hurricanrana which shakes up Fernando and they meet again in the middle to square off.

Fernando offers a handshake and, heelishly, before Sin Cara is able to consider the offer, he is the recipient of a kick to the midrift followed by a back breaker. Kalisto then tags in. He and Sin Cara hit Fernando with a wheelbarrow senton which gets them a two count. Kalisto then hits Fernando with a hurricanrana followed by a springboard headlock takedown. 

Diego tags in. Los Matadores double team the Lucha Dragons and then Diego hits Kalisto with a running knee lift and a springboard cross body to yet more boos. This time Brennan actually acknowledges it on commentary but only to say that the “WWE universe have chosen to get behind the Lucha Dragons” rather than confirming that this is a permanent thing. Kalisto then hits a head scissors takedown off second turnbuckle and Sin Cara blind tags in with a sling shot senton onto Diego. He covers him but can only get two. 

The two exchange Flair chops and then Diego uses a top rope arm drag takedown and plants Sin Cara on to the middle rope. He hits him with a leapfrog body guillotine and tags in Fernando on his way through. Fernando mocks the Lucha chants and we head to a break. 

When we return, Fernando has Sin Cara in a rear chin lock. Sin Cara is then thrown outside and Fernando is able to distract the ref so that El Torito can leap off the apron and plant Sin Cara with a hurricanrana. Diego then tags back in and rolls outside to beat up Sin Cara. He rolls him back in and covers him for two. 

Then he applies a chin lock and, when Sin Cara powers out, is immediately hit with a clothesline and is them stomped on in the corner. Fernando tags in and gives him more of the same. Diego tags back in, hits a drop kick and covers Sin Cara for two. He reapplies the chin lock while Kalisto is just going crazy on apron. 

Finally, we get the hot tag. Kalisto uses a springboard cross body followed the most beautiful springboard cork screw. He then uses what Brennan is calling the “Listo kick”  to get a two count but the pin is broken up. He sends Fernando outside and Sin Cara charges at him with a tope to the outside. Kalisto hits the Salida del Sol and Sin Cara comes off the top with a senton for the win.