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WWE Superstars TV Report 3-27-15: The New Day vs The Ascension; Emma still dancing, still losing

By James Cox,

Superstars was a fairly meagre offering as a go-home show for WrestleMania this week. If anyone is in the Bay Area, I’ll be at the show Sunday and Raw on Monday. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Summer Rae (w/ Cameron) beat Emma with a schoolgirl in 4:48

We start off with some early comedy between Summer and Emma, as Rae mimics and mocks the dance – quite right too, it isn’t over. Emma gets annoyed and slaps Rae, uses a drop toe hold and smacks her head into the mat. Off a distraction by Cameron outside, Rae drop kicks and covers Emma and then applies a rear chin lock.

Rae keeps the hold locked in for some time but the commentary team do little to put over the hold’s power – instead all talk is about WrestleMania and the events of this weekend ahead. Emma eventually rolls up Rae for a quick cover but Rae kicks out and double leg drops her and then reapplies the hold.

Emma gets the opening, getting a leg up to block the charge and then gets the heat with clotheslines, a back elbow and the Dil-Emma (which Brennan miss-calls as the Emma Lock which Saxton covers up for). She hits the Emma-mite Sandwich, goes to put on the Emma Lock but Cameron distracts her. Emma drop kicks her off the apron but Rae is able to then roll her up for the win.

A really nothing match between these two. They really need to reboot Emma’s character, I think people want to like her and she could get over but this dance has really killed her.

The New Day (Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston w/ Big E) beat The Ascension with a diving double foot stomp/pendulum backbreaker combination in 8:44

Viktor and Woods chain together initially. Viktor is actually pretty good and he and Woods do some good quick exchanges before squaring off again. Viktor eventually runs into a European uppercut and Woods tags Kingston in as they double team Viktor with kicks.

Konnor tags in, beats down Kingston until he runs into a flying forearm. The Ascension uses some double teamwork of their own, until Kofi is able to hit a drop kick to the corner on Konnor. Woods comes in and both of The Ascension get dumped to the outside and Kofi flies over top rope for a cross body on both as we head to a break.

As we return The New Day are both in the ring working over Konnor. Woods uses a drop kick and Kofi lands him with a springboard cross body but Konnor kicks out of the cover. Things settle down and The Ascension take over and double team on Woods for some time.

Viktor tags in as they stomp down Woods in the corner and then he slaps on a chin lock. Konnor comes back in and, as Viktor has Woods in a half Boston crab, Konnor drops a leg drop onto the back of his head; Woods is able to kick of the cover at two.

Konnor goes back to the chin lock, putting all his weight on his back. He then runs the ropes and smacks Woods with a big boot. Viktor tags in, putting on a sleeper this time and the crowd, led by Big E, are behind Woods. Konnor then comes in, Woods ducks out of the way of a charge to the corner and we go to the hot tag.

Kofi comes in with flying forarms, chops, a drop kick and a clothesline. He hits the Boom Drop, goes up top, and then flies at Konnor, knocking him off the apron. He then uses a springboard cross body on Viktor who kicks out of the cover at two.

Kofi then tries the SOS and it looks over until the cover is broken up by Konnor. Kofi gives a Trouble in Paradise to Konnor who rolls out the ring, but Viktor is able to hit the STO on Kingston, who kicks out at two.

The finish sees Woods tag in, puts Viktor in a pendulum backbreaker and Kofi comes off the top rope with a double foot stomp for the win.