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WWE Superstars TV Report 4-24-15: Bad News Barrett vs. Jack Swagger, Cesaro/Kidd vs. Los Matadores

Cesaro & Kidd

By James Cox,

Bad News Barrett beat Jack Swagger with the Bull Hammer (4:22)

Rich Brennan returned to commentary this week as he wasn’t on the European tour – last week had seen the return of Michael Cole alongside who accompanied Bryon Saxton completely inexplicably injury-free.

The early going is dominated by lots of tests of strength as these two big men square off. Wade Barrett looks so much better lean. Barrett gets taken down twice by Swagger and then put into a hammer lock until Barrett finds the ropes, but he is able to win the test when he shoulder barges Swagger to the mat. Swagger then goes over the top rope when Barrett pulls it down to out-smart his charge. On the apron Swagger takes a super kick to the chest and falls to the floor.

Barrett rolls outside and slams Swagger’s head into the apron and then rolls him back in the ring and tries for a cover but can only get one. He then goes to work on Swagger’s back with clubs and then picks him and drapes him over the top turnbuckle and runs to hit a high knee to the gut. Barrett again goes for the cover but can only get two.

He then applies a side headlock for some time as the action takes a decidedly long breather. When it starts up again Swagger works his way out of the headlock, runs the ropes and takes out Barrett’s left leg with a shoulder tackle. He then gets the heat with a clothesline and a Swagger Bomb. He covers Barrett who kicks out at two.

Swagger then runs into a big boot and is punished with a spinning side slam. After another failed pin attempt, Swagger is able to apply the Patriot Lock on the floor after a drop toe hold. They tease that there’s going to be a submission finish but Barrett is able to grab the rope and launch Swagger through the ropes to the outside. When he staggers back in Barrett lays him out with the Bull Hammer, but does so hopping on one leg as he Barrett sells the affects of the Patriot Lock in what was a very nice touch to finish a fine short match.

WWE Tag Team Champions Tyson Kidd & Cesaro (w/Natalya) beat Los Matadores (w/El Torito) (8:26)

Cesaro and Diego start things off with some neat chain wrestling, until Deigo leg sweeps Cesaro and goes for quick pin attempt. Cesaro doesn’t like this show of disrespect and works him over and quickly tags Kidd in, who stomps Diego into the corner.

Diego then manages to halt the attack and puts Kidd into a vertical suplex and holds it for a good 5-10 seconds. He covers Kidd who is quick to kick out at two. Deigo tags Fernando in who plants Kidd with a hurricanrana, as “ole” chants start up from the crowd.

Diego tags back in and they double team Kidd. Fernando hits him with a running knee lift followed by a rana to send Kidd outside. Cesaro charges in, not liking this dominance and suddenly Torrito appears off the top rope with drop kick on Cesaro. This is then followed up by another drop kick from Diego which sends him outside. Los Matadores then hit a double topé on both men on the outside as we head to the break.

When we return, Diego is working over Kidd and he uses a leapfrog body guillotine to send Kidd outside. Kidd then shoves Torito whilst in front of the announce desk and so Diego chases Kidd around the ring. Diego ducks Cesaro's clothesline attempt, but takes a punt kick from Kidd.

Kidd rolls him back in, gets a two count and tags Cesaro back in. Cesaro does a mock ‘olé’ at Diego and then answers Los Matadores with a vertical suplex of his own. He holds it for a good 15 seconds and even does some of it one handed. Meanwhile Kidd up gets up on to the top rope, makes the tag and comes off to take the legs of the suplex into a slam. This was so great. The cover is broken up and so Kidd applies a sleeper hold.

Eventually, Diego works his way out of the sleeper and hits a side suplex on Kidd. Cesaro tags in to cut off Diego from making a tag. He puts him in a chin lock but, ultimately, Diego is able to kick off Cesaro and gets to Fernando for the hot tag. He uses a springboard forearm, clotheslines and a headscissors takedown into a springboard crossbody in order to get to the cover which is broken up by Kidd.

While Diego is being told to get back to his corner, Kidd hits Fernando with a kick to the face and Cesaro is able to use the distraction to roll him up and pull the tights for the win. This was a lot of fun; Kidd and Cesaro are just such a great heel team.