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WWE Superstars TV Report (June 4): Lucha Dragons prove too much for The Ascension, Jimmy Uso returns

Lucha Dragons vs. Ascension

By James Cox,

The Big Takeaway:

Jimmy Uso provided colour commentary this week for both matches. The Lucha Dragons went over 10 minutes against the Ascension – much longer than they normally give matches on this show. Harper and Rowan squashed Los Matadores.

Lucha Dragons beat The Ascension via pinfall (10:14)

Before the match Jimmy Uso, of all people, came out to join Rich Brennan and Byron Saxton on commentary. He said that his brother was at home rehabbing his shoulder and stayed for the rest of the show. He didn’t get involved in any angles but was in his ring gear, with the same orange Usos t-shirt, and even had his face paint on.

Sin Cara and Konnor start things off with a lock up. Sin Cara is dominated until Konnor runs into a Sin Cara’s outstretched legs and takes a hip toss. Angry, Konnor floors him with a big boot and tags Viktor in. Viktor uses slaps and chops, but Sin Cara uses a springboard back elbow, which is blocked. Viktor puts on a side chin lock.

When Sin Cara works his way out, he takes an Irish whip into a back body drop but manages to get the tag to Kalisto. He enters the ring with a springboard corkscrew but his subsequent hurricanrana attempt is caught and then reversed. He manages to send Konnor outside and Viktor follows when Kalisto pulls the top rope down. Kalisto hits a springboard cross body on both men outside, they catch him, throw him over the heads, but he lands on his feet. Sin Cara then hits a topé as we go to the break.

Konnor is beating down Kalisto when we return. When he goes up top, Konnor just shoves him off the top rope and it looked like it really sucked, he hit the ring apron hard. Viktor tags in and slows the pace with an arm bar on Kalisto. From somewhere Viktor now has the biggest bruise on his forehead next to his face paint – it’s big, circular and brown. In a spot that is one of their signatures, he puts on a half Boston crab and Konnor comes into leg drop Kalisto.

After endless minutes of quick tags and punishment on Kalisto, we finally get the hot tag for Sin Cara. He leaps in with a springboard cross body, charges over to take out Konnor and gets a two count on Viktor. Viktor tries for a powerbomb that Sin Cara turns into frankensteiner for two. Kalisto takes out Konnor and they fall outside. Sin Cara uses his incredible power bomb, where he picks up his opponent from the mat with one arm, to set up a top rope senton for the win.

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan beat Los Matadores (w/ El Torito) (3:35)

Rowan and Diego start things off in what is clearly going to be a squash from the get go. Diego charges, but is blocked with an elbow and his cross body is caught. He tags in Fernando, who enters the ring with a top rope flip dive onto Rowan. He then hits a drop kick and goes for a springboard into something from the second rope but is again caught.

Harper tags in for some teamwork; he whips Rowan into Fernando, and then Fernando walks into Harper’s discus clothesline. Harper then chokes him out on the bottom rope and then uses the middle rope for a slingshot guillotine. Another quick tag sees Rowan come back in with a backbreaker. He covers Fernando but Diego comes into make the save.

Rowan applies his fists to Fernando’s temples, but when El Torito leaps onto the apron to distract, Rowan leaves Fernando and goes over to send El Torito flying into the dasher boards. Diego goes to check on him. When Fernando wants the tag, his buddy is not there. Rowan and Harper then combine, with Rowan throwing Fernando up into a jumping cutter by Harper for the win.