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WWE Total Divas season 4, episode 9 recap: Paige is young and impulsive

Season 4, Episode 9

Recap by Ryan Pike (@RyanNPike)

What a strange episode.

Nattie's Sister Moves Out

Remember how Nattie's sister moved in to help them out with their new house? And how it was Nattie's idea? Well, now Nattie's regretting the decision and wants her to move out so she and TJ can have space. She tries to set her up with Mark From Talent Relations, which doesn't work - Mark just no-sells her. But her sister hits it off with Big E, so there's something. Eventually TJ just asks when she's leaving, leading to hurt feelings and sulking, leading to Nattie's sister deciding (on her own) to move in with her parents rather than stay there. Nattie ponders joyfully how nicely things worked out. It's because TJ took care of the dirty work, Nattie.

Brie Dresses Too Sexy

Bryan's concerned that Brie's dressing too sexy, so he goes out and gets a composting toilet and installs it in their shed. And turns off the water to the indoor toilets. The ultimatum is made: he'll turn the water back on if she agrees to dress less sexy. Brie's mom agrees with him that she dresses too sexy and she relents. Everyone is happy not to have to use the composting toilet.

Paige Is Young And Impulsive

Paige has a rough episode. She tries out motorcycles with Alicia and Rosa and crashes, leading to Mark from Talent Relations scolding her. She gets asked to coach Ariane, but Ariane works stiff as heck. So Paige gets mad (rather than trying to coach Ariane into working softer) and gets stiff back at her, leading to a big argument at the Performance Center – complete with a Sara Del Rey cameo. Mark From Talent Relations calls and scolds her again.

She gets to the building for a show and discovers she's not booked on the show. She asks Road Dogg if it's about the Ariane altercation, which leads to him scolding her too. At the end of the episode she drinks and vents to Nattie and Nikki, who tell her to chill out and pick her battles. Life's sure tough when you're young and impulsive.

No John Cena, Eva Marie or Naomi this week.