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WWE Total Divas TV report

Season 4, Episode 11

Recap by Ryan Pike (@RyanNPike)

Bryan's Still Injured: So Brie's husband, Bryan Danielson, is still injured and vacates his Intercontinental Title in the ring to open the episode. He gets medically cleared later, leading to a series of circular discussions – doing their best not to use the word “concussion” - between Bryan and Brie about his future. He wants to wrestle so he can make them a nest-egg to retire on (and to help them with kids). She wants him to retire now so he doesn't have health problems later on. In the end, WWE is nervous about him wrestling and it's left up in the air, with very little resolved. And bear in mind, this was taped in the summer.

Paige Gets Engaged: Paige and her boyfriend Kevin end up in a ring store and he asks her a million ring-related questions, while she is too dense to realize what they mean. Later on, Emma goes snooping (with Paige's permission) and finds an engagement ring. Paige panics while everybody else presumes she'll get engaged by the end of the episode – it's like they're aware of Chekov's Gun or something. Anyway, after freaking out all episode about not being ready to get married, she says yes when he proposes (via a tattoo on his arm that says “Will you marry me.”) It's cute, but you get the impression that there's trouble coming.

Jon Uso Does Stand-Up: Everyone keeps telling Jon Uso that he's hilarious, so Dolph Ziggler sets up a set for him at a local comedy club. Jon tries out a set at home that's basically him making fun of his wife. He comes up with a better set, which contains him making jokes about how handsome and ripped Ziggler is. Naomi is happy he was able to get out of his comfort zone a bit and have fun.

I swear, I think Nikki might end up being the last unmarried, childless person on this show the way cast members keep getting married off.