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WWE Tough Enough Episode 5 Results and Recap

By: Kenneth Nida

Last week saw the contestants challenged to cut promos on each other, an appearance by King Barrett, and a clash between Patrick and Josh. The entire episode felt like a setup for Sara Lee to gain sympathy from the voters, and gain some fans with her passionate promo during eliminations. We also saw the re-introduction of Chelsea who was brought back from the try-outs after Dianna left the show. Gabi was eliminated, and flat out admitted she was glad and wanted to go home.

Tonight’s episode opens up with the hosts briefly speaking with the judges, and introducing Big Show who said he would be showing the male contestants what it’s like to be in the ring with a giant. We switch it up and show the reactions of the contestants at the barracks, post-elimination last week. Patrick has become quite arrogant, so ZZ takes him aside and tells him he needs dial it back because he’s changed since the start of the competition.

The first challenge is an obstacle course. Given a year, I don’t think Big Show could make through this course. The police and Natalya show up, with some of the officers to run the course with the contestants, as well as enforce the rules. Tanner ends up coming in first place for the guys, while Giorgia comes in first place for the girls. Tanner actually goes back to help Patrick who is struggling with the rope climb. Patrick turns heel when he sees ZZ struggle with the first part of the course and calls him pathetic instead of helping him. Chelsea and Amanda are the last female contestants left, and struggling with climbing the rope. The other women cheer them on, but Chelsea falls at the very top and hurts her ankle; neither finish the challenge.

Back to the judges, they comment on how everyone did, including Paige who is impressed with Sara Lee for once. Billy Gunn points out Tanner’s humility by helping the others after winning. Chelsea didn’t break her ankle, but it’s badly strained. The doctor tells her she’ll need a month to heal. The girls talk a bit of trash about Sara Lee, and are not impressed with Chelsea’s chances with how her ankle looks. Josh, a bit distraught after failing at the competition, lifts his spirits by calling to talk with his daughter. Chelsea talks to Sara Lee, confessing what the doctor told her. Patrick starts shouting at ZZ, saying if ZZ beats him, the competition is a joke. The judges comment, saying neither ZZ nor Patrick are coming off well.

Sara Lee lets Chelsea’s secret out. Giorgia blurts out that Sara Lee told her she couldn’t do any physical activity for a month, and then breaks out in some questionable crying for Chelsea. Billy Gunn asks her flat out what she’s going to do, and Chelsea sits out the next challenge. The challenge is to do body slams, with the loser doing squats while praising his or her opponents. Mada ends up winning the competition for the men, with Giorgia winning for the women.

Sara Lee gets into an argument with Giorgia over letting her secret slip. Amanda joins in to shout at Sara Lee as well. Back to the live show, Big Show is going to give each of the male contestants chops with no shirt on. Big Show takes some time to talk trash before giving each a chop; each contestant ends up with a giant red mark. Daniel Bryan asks Chelsea if she’s been cleared, which she confirms. Hulk and Paige praise Mada and Sara Lee for stepping up this week.

Picking the bottom 3, Daniel Bryan chooses ZZ, Paige chooses Patrick, and Hulk Hogan chooses Josh. They open up the voting without first giving the contestants time to plead their case, or any sort of final challenge, only giving them 15 seconds once voting is almost over. The judges decline to use their save. Josh gets 39% of the vote, ZZ gets 36% of the vote, and with 25% of the vote Patrick is eliminated.

If last week’s episode was designed to raise Sara Lee up in the eyes of the viewers, this week was the fall of Patrick. Between all the trash talk, lack of humility, and attacking fan favorite ZZ, he really came off poorly. If this vote had taken place a week or two ago, I see Josh losing the vote easily.