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WWE TV Report - WWE 24 - Roman Reigns: Never Alone

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By Jeremy Peeples,

The show begins with a shot of Roman narrating that this could be his only WrestleMania main event. Roman does a series of interviews, including one on Conan O'Brien's show. Roman tells him about female fans who go a bit further with an ass-pat than they should. Roman says that doing interviews was as hectic as being in the ring usually is. Hulk Hogan and Roman Reigns go on a WM-covered trolley ride throughout San Francisco and Roman does more media. Roman looks fantastic in a suit while the media person for the Fiarmont Hotel talks about all of the dignitaries that have stayed there. She shows the secret passage for JFK's trysts with someone rumored to be Marilyn Monroe.

Roman tells his haters to carry on, leading to a "two months earlier" graphic for the Rumble match. Roman says the fans paid their money and earned the right to boo him. Lisa, Roman's mom, texted him after his Rumble win and said she was shocked when the fans booed him. Roman says it would've been a special moment if he was cheered, but it remained special even with that - and he even got to share the ring with the Rock.

Roman hugs Rock and we see him with a fan in a really sweet moment. A little girl tells him that he's going to win the Rumble and he tells her he has a secret - it was two months ago, so he says "you mean the WrestleMania match?" and she shakes her head yes. She loves the spear and the Superman punch, and was just adorable. Roman says he feels great making any kind of a difference in their lives. A girl who was bullied in school thanks Roman for giving her the strength to still be here.

Roman says his role is to be a role model and fans say "I can/I will" a lot.