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WWE unveils new class of Performance Center recruits

The company signed fourteen recruits from its SummerSlam tryout in Nashville on July 29.

WWE has unveiled their newest class of Performance Center recruits. 

In a video released Wednesday, WWE announced the signing of fourteen talents from their SummerSlam tryout in Nashville, Tennessee on July 29. 

The video captured the moments where Paul "Triple H" Levesque, WWE's executive vice president of talent relations, offered contracts to the 14 recruits. 

The video was short on details regarding the backgrounds of the new recruits, but did note that signees Alivia Ash and Harleigh White are former ACC track athletes. 

The signees are as follows: 

  • Kennedy Cummins
  • Gabrielle Dunn
  • Rickssen Opont
  • Alivia Ash
  • Harleigh White
  • Chukwusom Enekwechi
  • Jade Gentile
  • Anna Keefer
  • Breanna Ruggiero
  • Beau Morris
  • Franki Strefling
  • Hayden Pittman
  • Lea Mitchell
  • Kevin Ventura-Cortes

Dave Meltzer reported in the most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter that around 50 athletes from 47 colleges took part in the tryout, with no standouts in the bunch. 

"At the Nashville tryouts, where they said they had 50 athletes from 47 colleges, since most had never been in the ring, nobody really stood out. One person noted that nobody stood out immediately like a future superstar and that this may be the last tryout only using college athletes as they think they will revert back to wanting independent wrestlers with experience again combined with recruiting of athletes. They did sign 14 of the 50 to contracts. There were a few concussions and shoulder injuries and more injuries possibly then any tryout ever due to the in-ring inexperience."

The video announcing the new recruiting class can be seen below.