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WWE Wilkes-Barre, PA, live results: Bray & Braun vs. Kane & Big Show

Submitted by Kyle Barns - Sunday

Ryback defeated Erick Rowan

The match was pretty good and even, lots of false finishes where Rowan was almost going to win, but Ryback came back with the shellshock to get the victory. The "Feed me more" chant must have broken out at least 10 times, and by the end people were going nuts for the Big Guy, save for one "Goldberg" chant that broke out before the finish by a bunch of drunk guys.

Goldust defeated Curtis Axel (w/ Bo Dallas)

Axel and Dallas came out to a meh reaction, and once they got into the ring Bo cut a promo on how the Outcasts were starting their new winning streak tonight. Goldust came out to a big pop. The match was pretty alright with Goldust winning via a roll up, which led to the Outcasts attacking him. Chants for R-truth started and low and behold he came out. Truth did his "Whats up?!" routine with the crowd and he and Goldust started dancing and hugged each other to the crowd chanting "Golden Truth", it was pretty alright.

U.S. Champion Kalisto defeated Dolph Ziggler and Rusev to retain

No doubt the match of the night. Originally it was supposed to be Kalisto vs. Del Rio but Del Rio was nowhere to be found. Ziggler was the most over and people absolutely hated Rusev. Several USA chants broke out while Lana was trying to make the crowd stand in attention so she could sing Ru-Ru a heel version of "You are my Sunshine".

The match started with Kalisto teaming with Ziggler to take out Rusev who then grabbed a mic and told the ref that the other two weren't being fair. Some big triple threat spots and Kalisto's flippy shit made the crowd go nuts, especially when all three men superkicked each other. Kalisto hit the Salida Del Sol on Rusev for the win. After the match Ziggler put his hand out to shake Kalisto's, and he kicked it away before hugging him and the two left.

Sin Cara defeated Fernando (or Diego? I don't remember)

This was right after intermission and absolutely no one cared. I felt kinda bad for both guys, but nothing really engaged the crowd except for when one of the Matadores got up on the turnbuckle and did some heely shit towards the crowd, which proved to be very effective.

Becky Lynch defeated Naomi (w/ Tamina) with Alica Fox as the special guest referee

Becky is super over, everyone went nuts when she came out, Naomi did a decent job in getting the crowd worked up for the match. It was rather quick, with Becky winning via DQ and Team B.A.D. proceeded to beat her down while a "We Want Sasha" chant broke out. Then the Boss's music hit and down she came to clear house. After kicking B.A.D. out of the ring she challenged them to a tag team match, which they initially refused but Lynch and Sasha threw them back into the ring. A pretty fantastic tag team match followed where it made everyone look strong. Sasha hit the Bank Statement on Tamina for the win.

Kane and Big Show defeated Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman

 The Wyatts came out to a decent mix of cheers and boos. The place exploded when Big Show and Kane came out. What shocked me the most in this match was Bray, he was taking some pretty hard bumps throughout the whole match. There was a few instances where he sold his back as if something bad happened, and he had Strowman lift him up onto the apron several times but after a while he was wrestling as he normally would. I did notice he didn't do his spider walk completely as Kane sat up and attacked him before he could do it.

Strowman was a beast in this match, up close he looks like a legitimate monster and beat up Show and Kane quite a bit. Several "Strowman" chants broke out throughout the match. It ended with the Eater of Pins being knocked out by the Big Show, to the biggest pop of the night.