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WWE Winnipeg, MB results: Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE title

By Jay O'Byrne

Overall the event was great. 

A few promos for the Slammy's tomorrow night with Lillian and Byron mentioning it in the ring.

The Miz vs Ryback (W)

  • Great opener with Ryback getting the crowd hot
  • Young crowd so Ryback was very over. 
  • Miz was pretty outstanding in this match and really played up the heel card. 
  • Skull Crushing Finale for a 2 count which led to the go home for Ryback to hit Shell Shock. 

Wyatt Family vs Dudley Boys, Tommy Dreamer & Kane (W)

  • Wyatt's and Bray in particular were very over with the older parts of the crowd. Bray seemed extra vocal on the apron during the entire match.
  • Kane was a surprise guest and received a huge pop when coming out. 
  • Did the big Kane vs Strowman spot which led to a spot fest, everything landing finishers. 
  • Ended with Kane getting the pin and the 4 raised hands in the middle of the ring.

Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose (W) (IC Title Match)

  • Owens was definitely over being in Canada. 
  • Attacked Dean as he was getting into the ring and cut a promo while Ambrose recovered.
  • Brawl on the outside which led to Owens grabbing an Ambrose fan sign and ripping it up, and eventually eating it in the ring. Super heel crowd reaction to this.
  • Ambrose lands the DDT and gets the win. Celebrated taking photos with the barrier etc.

Team B.A.D vs Charlotte, Becky, and Brie Bella (W) (Elimination Style Match)

  • Sasha was over getting chants right from the walk. Quick promo in the ring about how it will be 3 vs 2 because Paige isn't around anymore.
  • Becky comes out to a HUGE reaction, was definitely the most over of all the girls tonight. Charlotte follows after with Brie being the surprise 3rd.
  • Order of elimination was... Tamina, Becky, Naomi , Brie. We Want Becky chants started after she was eliminated.
  • Great final match with Charlotte and Sasha, definitely felt like NXT calibre. Felt like this is the next feud coming.
  • BAD rushes the ring followed by Becky and Brie for the brawl, Charlotte hits the spear into the figure 8 and gets the tap.
  • Match of the night for sure. 

Jack Swagger vs Alberto Del Rio (W)(US Title Match) 

  • Crowd definitely seemed a little quite for this. 
  • Highlight was Swagger throwing Del Rio's shirt into the crowd, followed by Del Rio hopping the barricade and snatching it back from the fan. Swagger grabbed ADR and brawl ensued at the barricade. 
  • ADR hit the top rope stomp for the win.

Sheamus vs Roman Reigns (W)(WWE WHC Match)

  • Sheamus rolled out of the ring to start, Reigns grabbed him and brawled on the outside for a while
  • Crowd was super into Roman. Almost no boo's. Older guys in the audience tried to get a little Roman Sucks chant going.
  • 5:15 chant from small part of the audience seemed to get some attention.
  • Finishers on both ends through the match.
  • Go home was the spear for the win. 
  • Roman promo after the match thanking the crowd.