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WWE WrestleMania 38 notes: Steve Austin, future of two-night events

Dave Meltzer talked the future of two-night WrestleManias and Steve Austin's physical condition.

Steve Austin is said to be in tremendous shape as WWE WrestleMania 38 draws closer.

Our Dave Meltzer appeared on the Sunday Night's Main Event podcast and spoke about Austin's physical condition heading into the show and his anticipated clash with Kevin Owens.

“He and I happen to have a mutual friend who just saw him and told me he was in fantastic shape," Meltzer said about Austin. "So, I mean he might take his shirt off. There’s going to be a fight. There’s going to be a brawl, without a doubt. It’s not just going to be just a kick in the gut and stunner. He’s training very hard. So it’s going to be more than that. Will he do a 20-minute match? No, I don’t think so. Will he go seven minutes or something and have a brawl all over the place? I kind of expect that.”

Meltzer also said that WrestleMania will likely continue to be a two-night event moving forward.

“I talked to people there and they certainly gave me the impression that the idea is two days going forward," Meltzer said. "They always can change their mind based on what happens. I think that they all thought that seven-hour show thing just doesn’t work. That’s more tiring than the two days.”