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WWE's Cody Rhodes says he almost hemorrhaged during surgery for torn pec

Rhodes has been out of action with the injury since Hell in a Cell.

Cody Rhodes has revealed that he almost hemorrhaged during surgery to repair his torn pectoral muscle. 

Appearing on Busted Open Radio on Friday, Rhodes also said that doctors won't give him a timeline for his return. 

"I was told last time I was there for my big check-up after PT, they are not going to give me a timeline just yet for when I'm going to be back because they're afraid if they give me that timeline, I'm going to try and jump it by maybe a month or two," Rhodes said.

"I don't think people know, I almost hemorrhaged in the surgery because there was so much blood. People have seen the picture of it in the match, per se, so it was pretty gnarly," he continued. 

Rhodes also revealed that WWE has been filming a documentary on his return to the company.

"Since WrestleMania, WWE has been doing a documentary on me potentially for Peacock," Rhodes said. "I'm positive somebody's about to text me and be like, 'oh, don't tell them' but either way, they've been doing this documentary and then my titty exploded and the documentary changed greatly."