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WWE’s Gunther comments on weight loss, move to United States

The Intercontinental Champion appeared on Out of Character.

Gunther has opened up about his recent physical transformation and move to the United States. 

The WWE Intercontinental Champion appeared on an episode of Out of Character released on Monday. He was asked what led to him moving to the United States after having been hesitant to do so for so long. 

"I like to live in Europe. I would still prefer that," he responded. "It's just a different way of living in America, I still don't think it's really for me but I have a good life here so I can't complain but it was never my first choice."

Gunther would continue to talk about his decision to "wait things out" during a period when many athletes from Europe were moving to the United States. 

"Out of nowhere, the gates were opened for so many young wrestlers from Europe to actually go to WWE or wrestle other places and be seen and be successful and stuff like that. It felt a little bit like a gold rush."

"Sometimes it's better to just wait things out and wait out the timing a little bit and wait for things for the time being."

"If everybody moves to America at the same time it's not going to be as special then when I do it. It was always clear to me that it would happen at some point but I tried to time it as good as possible for myself. "

Gunther also noted that when he signed with WWE, the company knew he was not interested in moving to America. He also said that while he wasn't pressured to move to the United States and go to NXT or the the main roster, the company did offer him a spot there "quite often." 

"I told them that upfront but they never really pushed me [to move to America]. They offered it, like, quite often."

"I think it's a very unique situation for me and I'm really thankful that it went down that way. And also, I think I had a good connection to Triple H but I think the even better connection to Shawn Michaels and a good understanding. And they had a good understanding for me and for my situation."

"Like I said, in the back of my head it was always kind of clear to me that I have to come [to America] because that's the thing in this profession, it's not like any other where you just stay at one point where you're comfortable and you're just going to stay there for the rest of your career. As a wrestler, your career, there's either the way up or the way down and you can't be stagnant. You either develop or you drop." 

Gunther also spoke about his recent weight loss. He noted that he always liked the look of wrestlers like Scott Norton and "chunky" heavyweights, saying he felt the look suited his style of wrestling. He knew that when he moved to the United States, however, things would have to change. 

"I have to do my part, I have to show that I'm adapting and I have to show that I put the work in for change. I think that was the most obvious choice and also going forward I knew I would be on the main roster, it's a national television show that's seen not just by wrestling hardcore fans, that's seen by everybody, regular people, and looking like I look now I will be more appealing and standing out more than looking like I looked the way before."

"If you're in the top league on national television every week and you want to represent the top-tier athletes, you have to be in shape to do so."

Earlier on the show, Gunther was asked about his WWE persona. He said the character he plays is pretty similar to who he is outside of the ring. 

"I think it's basically me in an overdone way, at times, I would think. But I think it's pretty close to who I am in real life," Gunther responded. 

He would continue to say that he takes wrestling seriously because it is his profession. Outside of his job, however, he considers himself to be more easygoing. 

"I'm very serious about things that are important to me and people that are important to me but otherwise I think I'm a pretty laid-back person but I keep my circle very, very small."