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WWE’s Kevin Owens originally planned for WarGames match, rehabbing knee injury

Owens was injured on Sunday at a WWE house show.

The original plan for the Survivor Series men's WarGames match was to involve Kevin Owens but that may no longer be the case. 

Owens was injured at a WWE house show on Sunday. He is believed to have suffered an MCL sprain and his status for the November 26 pay-per-view is now in doubt. The situation was addressed by our own Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio

"He's doing rehab at the Performance Center," Meltzer said of Owens.

"It is confirmed that the main event on the WWE pay-per-view, on Survivor Series, was going to be The Bloodline, Roman Reigns, the Usos, Sami Zayn, and Solo Sikoa against Butch, Sheamus, Ridge Holland, Drew McIntyre, and Kevin Owens. However, because Kevin Owens suffered an injury - which the last I heard was a sprained MCL. He was going to get it checked out, I'd heard Monday morning, I haven't heard anything since Monday morning, he had not been checked out. He's rehabbing it - I don't know if he will be ready for the pay-per-view or not."

"If they do an angle on SmackDown on Friday and throw somebody else in, that tells you that he wasn't ready. I did hear that he's not moving very well so he better heal up quick if he's going to make that pay-per-view," Meltzer continued.