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VIDEO: WWE's Kevin Owens surprises hockey coach during NHL Draft

Owens made an appearance during day 2 of the NHL Draft.

Kevin Owens made a surprise appearance during coverage of the NHL Draft. 

Noted wrestling fan and Vancouver Canucks head coach Bruce Boudreau has frequently mentioned that Owens is one of his favorite wrestlers. As Boudreau was being interviewed by the NHL Network as part of Friday's draft coverage from Montreal, Owens walked in to greet him. 

"Bruce, good to see you, man. I was sitting in a box up there and I figured I'd come down and say hi," Owens said. 

Boudreau asked Owens when he would be coming back to WWE programming. Owens has missed the last two episodes of Raw.

"A couple of weeks, I think, I'm feeling alright I'll be there soon," Owens responded. 

"You can still talk, you're the best talker they've got going," Boudreau replied. "I'm telling you, I'm going to phone Vince if you don't get the title shot you deserve, I'm right there for you. I want to be the new Lou Albano to you," he continued.

"Hey man, you're hired immediately," Owens responded. 

Boudreau continued to say that Bret Hart used to be his favorite wrestler but now Owens is. 

"It used to be Bret Hart because he was the first Canadian I knew but then he's by the wayside and now KO is back there but nobody talks better than him. He's the most entertaining guy on television," he said. 

Back in December, Boudreau spent part of an interview asking Jackie Redmond how Owens did that night. 

In February, Boudreau named his top five wrestlers of all time. Owens was at number two behind only Bret Hart. Johnny Powers, Steve Austin, and the Rock occupied the other spots. 

After every Canucks win, Boudreau awards a championship belt to a player on his team.