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WWE’s Roman Reigns says Triple H is a ‘babyface for the industry’

Reigns appeared on The Sports Illustrated Media podcast recently.

Roman Reigns believes Paul "Triple H" Levesque heading up WWE creative has led to a "honeymoon situation" and a "lot of excitement" in WWE right now. 

The Universal Champion appeared on an edition of the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast released on Thursday and spoke about how he thinks Levesque has done so far. 

"I think he's done excellent. He's like a professional wrestling babyface right now," Reigns said. "He's like a babyface for the industry right now and there's like this honeymoon situation, there's a lot of excitement."

"If you look at the grand scheme of it and break it down what he's stepped into, just dealing with this controversy alone, dealing with the craziness of the impossible happened, Vince McMahon stepped down, just wrapping your brain around that and then being the guy to be next. I thought following Cena was tough enough, imagine having to follow Vince McMahon. I think he's done great, I really do." 

Reigns was also asked about the possibility of Vince McMahon still having an influence on the product considering his daughter is a co-CEO and his son-in-law heads up creative. 

"Coming from a wrestling family, I can see that 100%," Reigns responded. "I'd be sitting next to my dad right now and he'd be throwing out the same type of ideas or trying to pitch me something, that's just the way it is."

Rumors of The Rock facing Reigns at WrestleMania were also addressed during the discussion. Reigns was asked about the scene on Young Rock where a young Roman Reigns asked Rock to wrestle him in his family's living room. 

"I think that just goes to show the clamoring, the buzz for it, the chatter for it, the wishful thinking, so it's something that [The Rock] definitely played into within Young Rock. As you know, with him everything is strategical, lot of synergy with everything he does, with the projects that he's guiding and has in mind. Just based on that alone, it looks even better than last time we spoke." 

Reigns confirmed that he signed a new deal with WWE recently and spoke about his reduced travel schedule. 

"The main thing is, no we are not going to be on every single pay-per-view but anything that I am on which will be, of course, all the major ones and then a couple of the other ones that fall in between the big four and the Saudis, I'll always support those with TVs to build the story and the rivalry going forward," he said. 

The Universal Champion also noted that he was originally supposed to be on Money in the Bank but plans changed after the event got moved out of Allegiant Stadium.

"The strategy for the first few months after Mania was to be on Money in the Bank but once the show was changed and it was moved away from Allegiant Stadium into the arena, we re-strategized and we just kind of stayed on the path of hitting these huge ones."

"Once Money in the Bank was moved, I was pulled from that and we knew that we're going to hit SummerSlam and then also Cardiff being a huge stadium show as well, being an international show, I knew I was going to be a part of that one."