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WWE's Sonya Deville gets temporary injunction, new details emerge

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New details have emerged in the attempted kidnapping of WWE wrestler Sonya Deville, real name Daria Berenato.

Deville filed and was granted a petition for a temporary injunction against stalking violence on Monday, further detailing her incident with alleged stalker and would-be kidnapper Phillip Arnold Thomas II early Sunday morning at her Lutz, Florida, home.  

Thomas remains in jail as he has been charged with three felonies, including armed kidnapping. He also faces a criminal mischief misdemeanor charge. Thomas will have a hearing on Thursday regarding the prosecution's attempt to deny his bail. PWInsider reported that a public defender has been assigned to and that he has invoked his 5th Amendment privilege to remain silent.

A hearing will be held on August 27th to discuss putting a more permanent injunction into place.

In the petition, Deville said that after she went to bed, she was awakened by a security alarm and alerted that a sliding door that led to her lanai was open. She then awakened her house guest, Amanda Saccomanno, better known as Mandy Rose. 

Deville went to check on the sliding door and said that as she was ensuring the door was locked, she looked up and saw Thomas. Deville said that she asked him, “What are you doing, what do you want?” at which point he began walking toward her. 

“That is when I realized this person was not here to rob me, he was there to hurt me,” Deville's petition said. According to a Tampa Bay Times report, Thomas was armed with a knife and pepper spray when he approached Deville. 

Deville then told Rose, “There’s a man in the house, we have to go,” before they fled the home and called 911. Deville said she later saw on home security footage that Thomas had followed her into the house, "but he thought I ran up the stairs, leaving me and my friend just enough time to escape.”

Sheriff's deputies gave Thomas's name to Deville, who then searched her social media accounts for messages from him of which she found hundreds.

“The nature of the messages from this account were obsessive, suicidal, idolizing, saying, ‘You are the only person I will ever love,’ " according to Deville's petition. 

She also described a second account that also appeared to belong to him which sent similar messages. One such message read, "I found your home address.” She said she received a message from the second account Sunday at 12:16 a.m., just hours before the incident at her home. Deville says that the last message read, “Look outside, baby, by your pool. I’m here. I’m gonna kill that little b---- you have inside with you.”

Deville also described receiving messages from the second account that included threats of decapitating her friends and family, describing individuals by name. Deville wrote that she received explicit messages and one graphic sexual photo from the account. 

As of this point, Deville and Rose are scheduled to have a hair vs. hair match this Sunday at SummerSlam.