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Xavier Woods reportedly not paid extra by WWE for UpUpDownDown


Photo: WWE

A new report clarifies the status of UpUpDownDown, and Woods' financial ties to the show, or lack thereof.

Following up on yesterday's news that content creators for WWE's gaming channel UpUpDownDown are holding out on the company until Xavier Woods receives a financial incentive to do so, Fightful Select reports today that Woods is not paid extra at all for UpUpDownDown, and that his income from both the gaming channel and his upcoming G4 hosting duties count against his WWE contract's downside guarantee.

The report also states that Woods is in fact one of the creators holding out for money, something that was not explicitly stated previously. 

The report goes on to say that every WWE talent that appears on UpUpDownDown is paid for their time, but it counts against their WWE downside. Fightful also clarifies that Woods never owned UpUpDownDown, but stresses that he is the force behind the growth and popularity of the channel. 

UpUpDownDown has 2.27 million subscribers on YouTube. The channel has posted just two short videos in the last three weeks, with the last long-form game stream hosted by Woods posted on the channel on October 15.

Woods' hosting work for the relaunch of the G4 cable network begins Tuesday, November 16.